8 Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max

I can undoubtedly say that Garena Free Fire Max is a fantastic game with great graphics and an easy-to-use interface that any gamer would enjoy playing. It is sure that gamers will love this game, with all the exciting features they can discover within this exciting game. However, the majority of gamers complain that Garena Free Fire Max is difficult to download; they need to enter their credit card number or their telephone number before they can play it. In other words, if you are looking for free diamonds for Garena Free Fire Max, then this article is for you if you are looking for free diamonds without paying real money.

Here Are The Best Top 8 Ways To Get Free Diamonds In Garena Free Fire Max

1. Participate In The Promotions And Events Given By Garena

You can get free diamonds at Garena Free Fire Max by participating in the promotions and events those games offer. This is the number one method to get free diamonds. Usually, they provide at least 20-30 diamonds to the players for completing the challenge or task they assign. Those interested in updates on the latest developments will have to visit Garena’s official website. The latest news about Free Fire Max can be received directly from them by adding Garena Free Fire Max as a favorite.

2. Complete The Missions Given By Red Pepe

Another way to get free diamonds is by completing RedPepe’s missions that are posted on their website, and gamers will receive five diamonds per completed mission on the RedPepe site, where you will find the missions. In order to receive the latest news about the events and challenges that RedPepe will hold, gamers will need to make sure that they follow their Twitter account. It is easy for you to keep up with RedPepe by simply adding them as a favorite on your list.  

3. Create A Team And Join The Discord Server Given By Red Pepe

As another way to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max, you can create a team by creating an account and joining the RedPepe Discord server; they usually give at least 10-15 diamonds for gamers who are able to complete the challenges on their server. In the same manner as what has already been described above, gamers will need to follow RedPepe’s Twitter account first before joining their servers.

4. Play The Rumble Mode In The Game

Suppose you are looking for a way to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max. In that case, this method is perfect for you because it involves playing the game in order to get the diamonds. There is a Rumble mode in which gamers can collect free diamonds. For every win, players will earn ten diamonds for each one they make while playing the Rumble Mode and competing against their opponents. The players will not receive any diamonds if they lose, so no diamonds will be awarded to them. There is instead a possibility that they will get zero diamonds. There is no doubt that this method is one of the most exciting ways to get free diamonds because players can enjoy playing the game while obtaining free diamonds.

5. Watch Ads

There is one more way to earn free diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max by checking out the ads. The gamers can earn two diamonds for every ad they watch in Garena Free Fire Max by simply watching ads in the game. Besides this, gamers can earn even more diamonds by watching ads since there is no limit to how many diamonds can be earned. One of the enormous benefits of watching ads is the fact that it doesn’t require players to spend any money at all because they are already given the reward, even if it’s just virtual coins or diamonds. The gamer who is lucky enough will also be able to receive five additional diamonds for free if they are lucky enough.

6. Earn Diamonds For Free When Buying Items In-Game

The last way to get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max is by buying items or weapons for real money; when gamers buy any item through Garena Free Fire Max’s official site, they will receive five free diamonds. This is the only exception where gamers can get real money in exchange for virtual coins. Gamers don’t have to worry about not getting any value for their money because at least they are receiving five extra diamonds every time they buy something, even if it’s just virtual.

7. Get Free Diamonds In Garena Fortune League

You can get free diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max by joining the Fortune League, which is the seventh way to get free diamonds. Players will automatically receive ten diamonds for free when they join the Fortune League. It is still possible for them to earn more diamonds if they can make it to the top of their ranking. Taking part in the tournament will require players to be very active in playing, but it is worth the effort to participate.

8. Get Free Diamonds In Garena Free Fire Fortune League Ii

Another way to get free diamonds is by playing the Fortune League II, gamers will also get ten diamonds for signing up, and they can earn more if they win their matches. Gamers will need to play hard and be very strategic to rank on top of their leaderboards because it’s not easy to be #1.


As you can see from reading all the steps above, there are many methods you can follow in order to generate free diamonds in Garena Free Fire MAX. Gamers can take advantage of these methods if they wish to generate free diamonds in-game. But if they don’t want to go through the effort, they can always buy diamonds for Garena Free Fire MAX if that is what they prefer.

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