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App NameAmong Us
PublisherInnersloth LLC
Latest Version2022.7.12
Mod InfoMod Menu, All Unlocked
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What is Among Us Mod Apk? Or What Is Among Us Apk? 

Among us Mod Apk (Always Imposter Hack) has been swiftly developed into one of the most common games of 2022. Among us, mod apk (Always Imposter Hack) is an action game in which an imposter enters the ship with other crew members. It is a simple game with charming graphics and multiplayer. The game presents a unique setting. In this game, players are members of an astronaut crew on a campaign. However, among them will be an imposter with an evil goal and the target of other players is to find him before the end of everything. 

Among us mod apk, This game has been developed by Innersloth LLC. It has simple contents. The players must take advantage of many factors and need active communication with other members to exploit information. Besides the goals, the game has many maps and other attractive functions for the entertainment of the players. All of this makes the gameplay the most interesting.

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Multiplayer Gameplay: 

Among us, the mod menu apk (Always Imposter Hack) is one of the top-rated online multiplayer games. In this game, you can invite your friends and play together. You cannot skip it when a match starts; you will lose the battle if you turn off the game. You can choose about 4 to 15 players to enter a contest. It will help you to find if you also create rooms to avoid conflicts among the players; one of them is an imposter. In always imposter hacks, you can also modify your character with several accessories and outfits, such as hats and more in it.

What Are The Rules or Guidelines for Playing Among As Mod APK?

Among us mod apk has no rules or guidelines to follow. It’s up to each player how he uses his strategies to win the game. But some players may want an edge over their opponents, and here among us comes in.

Among us Mod apk Skins and Pets Unlocked:

 Our molded game version allows players to unlock their skins and pets by giving them a significant advantage. With the availability of all skins and pets, players can customize their characters to stand out from the crowd and have a better chance of winning.

Many Tasks to Complete 

Among us, mod apk provides you with many different tasks. By completing the allotted tasks, you can win mega rewards. Likewise, all skins and pets are unblocked. With many missions, you have to use a clean outlet to clean the spaceship’s interior. Many places that the outlet clean provides are often imposters, and you have to pay attention to them. The clean button will not be evident as an imposter hides the vent. So it can be helpful to find him.

How to Win Among Us as Crew Members?

 As we know, the task of the imposter is to kill the entire Crewmate to win the game. You must complete the tasks to win the game as a crewmate. As soon as possible, you will have to complete the tasks. As a crewmate, you must finish the entire assignment before the imposter kills the other team member. You will win the game if you spend all your tasks before the imposter traces you. 

How Can You Find The Imposter Among Us?

To find out the imposter in Among us mod apk is a difficult task. Most of the imposters tried to do fake jobs involving the crewmates. But you can judge if the Crewmate is an imposter. It is simple if you notice a crew member is redoing a specific task because the same job will not be given twice. Here is mentioned some of the fake functions. They strive to support engine output, chart courses, buy beverages, assemble Artefacts and clean O2 filters, etc.  

Features for among us apk:

Two-Way Gameplay of Among Us apk Mod

The most important feature of this game is that it can be played in two ways. Firstly, you can choose to be on the right side, and in second, you can select the left side. If you are playing on the right side, then you will be playing as a crewmate who will help the other people on the ship and strive to solve all the problems related to the spaceship.  

Second way: on the left side, you are playing as an imposter and a criminal among the crewmates. This way, you will have to kill the entire crew and try to finish all the missions.

The Usage of Weapons

The one feature is that you have no choice in using weapons. Whether you are playing as an imposter or a crewmate doesn’t matter. It is your luck. On the other side, if you are an imposter, you must use weapons to kill the other crew members. You will be careful that no one can reveal your actions. You can also do fake tasks to show for involving with the crew mates.

Who Becomes a Ghost?

Once the imposter killed a crew member, this dead Crewmate would be called a ghost. A ghost (a dead crewmate) will help the other members to complete the tasks, but he cannot help the other mates openly. He can share his suggestions only in a meeting.

Start a Meeting

In Among Us, when you find any crew member is suspect. Start a meeting by adding other crew mates. You can exchange their views and share your reviews. You can use the text chat option available in the game to exchange your thoughts with other players. Among the US is a game that cannot be played alone. 

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Multiplayer Gameplay

How Can it be Downloaded and Installed AMONG US APK?

First of all, download Among Us by clicking the download button. After downloading, you have to look for AMONG Us APK in the search bar at the top right corner. Then click to install Among Us game APK from the search results. Now click the AMONG US icon on the home screen to start playing.


If you are often tired while playing the same role in the game, you can download Among Us APK to enjoy two-way gameplay. If you don’t want to play as a crew member, you can download its improved version from our website to play by always becoming an imposter.


Q. can we communicate by helping the voice chat in AMONG US APK?

NO, Because AMONG US APK has no voice chat feature.

Q. can Among US APK be played on PC?

YES, this game can be played on PC.

Q. How can I AMONG US MOD APK get for free on PC?

Yes, you can get it free now, as it is accessible on the Epic store.

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