Best Faction Servers Minecraft

Best Faction Servers Minecraft
Here, players can find some of the best Minecraft servers for Factions’ PvP action.

Best Faction Servers Minecraft. Factions is a long-standing game mod in Minecraft, including version 1.19. The adorable PvP game mode combines survival building with intense player vs. player combat over the terrain and world resources.

No matter how many updates Minecraft has, there are countless servers ready to keep up with new content and implement it into their world. The same can be said for the Factions PvP servers, which have prolonged their gameplay to accommodate The Wild Update and all that comes with it.

This can lead to occasional changes to the most popular Factions’ PvP servers, while others have been evergreen for a long time.

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Massive Craft Factions

Massivecraft Factions

Massive Craft tops the list when it comes to Minecraft’s Factions PvP. This results from the original creator of the Factions game mod owning Massive Craft and its server complex.

Players on this server will always enjoy the latest version of the Facts plugin, including when it is updated to version 1.19. Massive Craft’s Factions world also comes with bonuses like an active map, faction taxes, and even successes. Before players dive too deep into the Factions servers, they owe it to themselves to take a trip to Massive Craft.

Cosmic PvP 

Cosmic PVP

For interplanetary Faction knowledge, Minecraft players can gaze to Cosmic PvP. This server divides its Faction maps into multiple worlds, for example, Spirit Planets and Dungeon Planets.

Each planet has unique terrain and features, with loot to find and surprises to discover. Players will battle across the universe to dominate multiple worlds, bringing a depth to the Factions PvP server that many of its counterparts can’t reasonably claim.

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OPBlocks Network

Opblocks Network

A top Best Faction Servers Minecraft in many categories, OPBlocks has a world dedicated to faction PvP. Its unique take on Factions offers customizable items with its unique recipes.

Players can create custom bombs, boosters, and items such as ranged sticks for combat. Its market economy is viable and dynamic, allowing players to get what they need before and after they return to Factions PvP.

Vortex Network

Vortex Network

A space-themed Minecraft server, Vertex Network hosts a robust Factions PvP world. This server may not have a lot of unique advantages (although its layout is very attractive), but it has thousands of players enjoying Factions PvP every day.

If players need a break, they can also go into the server-building world for a somewhat grinding experience that is more relaxing than others. This ebb and flow create a nice sweet spot between PvP and base building for all players.

The Archon

The Archon

Archon is one of the utmost useful best faction servers minecraft in the community. This competitive element is so appealing that the server routinely holds competitions for many of its PvP game modes. It even loots players with cash prizes for achieving top rankings.

Archon also sports an eight-year career as a server, and its dedicated advancement team and staff have kept it stable throughout its life. This PvP server is great for factions and is a steady hand in the server community.

Complex Vanilla

Complex Vanilla

For a more realistic Minecraft experience, players can check out the Complex Vanilla server. This server provides Factions PvP like several of its counterparts but retains plugins and add-ons to a minimum.

This gives players a thin vanilla experience even in Factions, so they’ll mostly be left to their own devices. However, this is not indeed a bad thing, as many players prefer the barebones style of gameplay.

It may not have all the bells and whistles, but Complex Vanilla works just fine for a large collection of players.

Mana Cube

Mana Cube

Minecraft server Mana Cube has been an excellent option for many players for years. In addition to its vast collection of game modes, Mana cube provides players with all the Factions PvP they are looking for.

The server’s world of Factions also offers races, king of the hill, clans, duels, and more, allowing players to progress at a solid clip through the server’s levelling system.

There are four worlds, including the Overworld, Moon, Mars, and Nether, and players can stake their claim with their fellow faction members.

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Our next Minecraft faction server is simple yet unique in a twisted way. It allows you to raid, create farms, join teams, and even set your connection position with other players on the server. Here, each faction on that server is judged by its strength. Every player, on an individual level, enhances the little to the team. This allows them to petition lands, attain events, and even unlock special features.

Unlike all the other Minecraft faction servers on our list, this one also allows solo players to survive. While most factions have a minimum of three players, you can survive by yourself and as a pair. Just make sure you use one of the best Minecraft skins to hide your character and not stand out.

Mineland Network

Mineland Network

The Mineland Network is a unique Metaverse-styled Minecraft world, and It has more than 1000 exclusive games that anyone can play on the server. You can compete with your friends or connect to overcome enemy teams. As for factions, players also have their economic system, server plot, and special team-based features.

Additionally, if the server’s mini-games aren’t enough, you can create your games. This is possible thanks to Mineland’s simple coding system and real money paid to game makers. The mere limit is your vision.

Purple Prison

Purple Prison

Purple Prison is one of the most widespread servers and is mainly recognized for its prison game mode. But that doesn’t mean it’s not good to go to work in factions, too. It has a player-centric economy where people can audition, shop, and trade items to earn game points. Because of this, making money on Purple Prison is more accessible than on any Minecraft server.

As for PvP, the server permits players to either fight or remain neutral. It includes automated PvP events, enthusiastic battle zones, and even team-based mini-games. But this is all entirely optional. Unlike most of the servers on our list, you can use Purple Gel to hang out passively with your friends without worrying about being attacked. 

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