Best Free Fire Emotes of All Time

Players can use various new cosmetic items, bundles, and emotes on the battlefield in Free Fire. There are many great emotes in Free Fire, but this article will focus on the top 10 best ones.

Fans love Free Fire because of its impressive customization features, including emotes. Compared to some other emote types, some emotes are pretty complex and offer many visual effects and animations. You can obtain individual emotes as well as bundles that consist of several emotes. Though there is a variety of emotes available to choose from to suit each player’s taste. Here are the top 10 best emotes from Free Fire in 2021.

FFWC Throne Emote

Emotes like this are hard to come by and are expensive. This is one of the rarest in Free Fire. The majority of the time, it appears in events. Players perform this emote by sitting on a throne that appears out of thin air while making a king-like gesture.

Eat My Dust

A lot of players find this one of the most interesting emotes of Free Fire. The player dances on top of a golden sports car when they launch it. During the Grafitti Top Up event in 2020, it was officially launched. Due to the fact that the top-up was the only way to earn it, the chances of earning it were extremely limited.

Tea Time

During the dual wheel spin event, one of the prizes was the Tea Time emote. The emote is only available to a small portion of Free Fire players. It requires several diamond spins to earn. The ‘the tea emote’ is one of the best emotes in the game. This emote seems to mimic a player sitting on a chair drinking a cup of tea as they sit there.

Bring it on

It is because this particular emote is considered to be a “taunting” emote that people love so much. As well, online games usually involve players taunting each other before a match, which is a common thing to do. As well, “Bringing it On” has a pretty decent length too.


With a golden glow in front of it, this emote enchants a BOOYAH message above your head. I love this emote because it’s perfect for celebrating a win. As well as that, the player character seems to pose in a really dynamic manner.

Pirate’s Flag

In 2019, the event called Pirate Top Up introduced this emote to the game. This emote was also obtainable by spending 500 diamonds on the event. When Garena Free Fire is fully equipped, this emote will take the flag from its holder and then bang it on the ground. Players consider this emote to be one of the most legendary emotes for Free Fire.

I’m Saitama

I am Saitama; this was the emote emitted during the punch man collaboration in Lucky Royale in Free Fire. But you know that you only get support from the lucky royale spin if you have good luck as well.

Therefore, only a few players were able to unlock the ‘I am Saitama Emote’ during that period. However, this is currently the latest emote to be available.

Power of Money

A user had to buy 500 diamonds in order to unlock the Power of Money emote during the TRAP Top Up event in January 2021. Due to its popularity, the emote was re-added to the store in August 2020 for a limited period of time. During the December 2020 Emote Party, it also made a comeback.

For this emote, the character dispenses money through two handheld guns in the VFX. Players often use this method of taunting their opponents.

Flowers of Love 

During the 2019 Valentine’s Day Top Up event, Free Fire released a new emote, Flowers of Love. It is necessary to spend 500 diamonds in order to be able to acquire this emote. This emote depicts a character on his knees in the presence of a rose in his head.

Top DJ

DJ Alok’s appearance in Free Fire made him one of the most popular characters in Free Fire. Since he has such versatile abilities, he can play passively as well as aggressively.DJ emote inspired by DJ Alok, which creates high levels of enjoyment when used. Players enjoy both the character and the emote. A floating DJ console appears in the emote. A character in the game holds a mic and seems to hype up a crowd.


This list represents the top 10 best emotes in Free Fire as of right now. Some of these emotes are more popular than one another, but they all offer something special that makes them worth using.

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