Best 15 Minecraft Mods for Dungeons In 2022

Minecraft’s original dungeon has become extremely laudable. The structure has developed much iconically, and the game’s best-known minor uses the structure in its name: Minecraft Dungeons. Though as iconic as the structure is, it is fundamental in design, exclusively compared to many other modern structures.

While vanilla dungeons show their age, the community has stepped in and updated and revamped the dungeons, adding several new dungeon types, making the overworld even more exciting than it already is.

1. Explore Amazing Dungeon-Based Minecraft Mods In 2022

Extended Cave is a mod of Polyvalord. The mod objects to create caves are more exciting by adding plants, loot, and new dungeon structures. These new caves contain containers similar to The Legend of Zelda, which players can break to get some loot. There are clay pots, which can be quite common with regular loot, and quartz pots, which are much rarer and better loot.

There are also four new mushrooms: Sweet Mushroom, Goldshroom, Shiny Mushroom, and Lumishrooms. Sweet mushrooms are a food source, goldish rooms give grand players haste, and shiny mushrooms give players haste. These mushrooms can be combined into a sticky stew that makes three in a hurry. Lumishrooms are the only source of light found in caves.

The mod also includes dungeons, which players can explore deep underground. These dungeons will give players lots of loot, including many different pots in the mode. This mod is only this low on the list because it focuses more on caves than dungeons, even though dungeons are an integral part of the mod.

2. Dungeon Crawl

Dungeon Crawl is a Forge-exclusive mod that adds a new type of traditionally produced dungeon to the game. These dungeons are found both in the depths of the world and on the surface of the overworld. These dungeons’ layout, size, and loot are random, making each experience unique.

Entrance to unlimited content, assuming the player is willing to explore the overworld to find new dungeons, sets the mod apart from others.

3. The Twilight Forest

A large tower dungeon establish in the Twilight Forest

 Twilight Forest is one of the game’s most popular modes, with over a decade of active development. As a result, Twilight Forest Mod is one of the most polished mods in Minecraft history. The mod includes different boss fights with unique mechanics and unique treasure and loot with different traits.

However, one of the mode’s main draws is the giant and incredibly meaty dungeons found scattered throughout the dimension. One of the most significant changes to the mod is that the game has been actively updated for over a decade, and the development team shows no signs of ending anytime soon, meaning content is always on the way.

4. When Dungeons Arise

While Dungeons Arise is conceptually similar to Dungeon Crawl, the mod adds many random dungeons worldwide when the dungeon separates itself in similar ways to the mass of these dungeons.

There are random temples, palaces, castles, cities, and dungeons, all with different and unique rooms with a customizable loot table, including the loot from other mods’ loot tables, meaning the mod itself may apply to others. Its usage can allow development in different ways. Modes while exploring the world.

5. Apotheosis

If you are tired of Minecraft content, Apotheosis can help you by adding a lot of new content and focusing on improving the Minecraft vanilla experience. The content is divided into 6 categories: Enchantment, Deadly, Garden, Potion, Spawner, and Village modules.

Apotheosis is one of the sporadic Minecraft mods with an in-game manual book you can craft with a book and a gold nugget. With this, it is easy to follow each new block and item.

Also, if you want to keep track of new items

6. MineColonies

Ever wondered about civilization in Minecraft? Even though villagers in Minecraft are being updated frequently, something is still missing. What if you could interact with the villagers and build relationships with them?

MineColonies improve villagers by classifying them as Builders, Farmers, Foresters, Miners, Fishers, Bakers, Guards, Cooks, Couriers, Compositors, Animal Herders, and more! With their skills, they can help you build a great empire! Not only new villages.

7. Ars Nouveau 

It’s not an RPG game when you don’t have some magic and spells.

Ars Nouveau solves this problem by adding several new spells to the game, which you can craft and use on your enemy. With this mod installed, magic is fully customizable at your fingertips!

Ars Nouveau also has many cool features like magical artifacts, rituals, book guides, custom baubles, and trinket slots. With enough power and mana, you can destroy an entire section of bedrock or light up a cave.

8. Ice and Fire: Dragons

The most popular RPG mod of all time, with over 37 million downloads, Ice and Fire: Dragons is a must-install if you’re looking for an RPG mod in Minecraft.

While wandering around the world, you can find dragon nests with chests and gold attached. It’s not easy to get because there will be dragons around.

Currently, you can find fire, ice, and lightning dragons in this mode. Dragons in Ice and Fire: Dragons have custom models and animations. They can also fly high up in the sky and throw fire/ice at you so that it may be a hard-hitting action.

9. Epic Fight Mod

If you’re a fan of third-person perspective in Minecraft, you know how bad it is when you press F5, which changes your camera angle.

With Epic Fight Mode installed, you can experience the fighting style of a real warrior like Dark Souls and other RPG games.

The controls in this mode are fully customizable and quite easy to learn. Don’t forget the combo and its new weapons like a dagger, greatsword, katana, knuckle, longsword, spear, and the Tachi.

10. RPG-Hud

As its name suggests, the RPG-Hud mod completely revamps Minecraft’s hood to give it a more RPG feel. The health and hunger bar has now moved to the top left corner of your screen next to your face.

Buffs and inventory are now more visible as they are larger and have a transparent background behind them.

RPG-Hud also displays armor on the screen, so you can easily keep track of them. Another great feature of this mod is that you can understand other mobs by providing a new GUI while watching them.

11. PlayerEx

PlayerEX is an important mod for the RPG experience in Minecraft as it adds attributes, skill points, and a new leveling system to the game. You will have five different attributes: Constitution, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Luck.

You open your character panel to see your level, available skill points, attributes, and many other stats such as health, armor, damage, life steal, evasion, gravity, resistance, movement speed, and more. can! The only limitation of PlayerEX is that it is only available on Fabric.

12. Jurassic Craft

A great mod for dinosaur lovers, Jurassic Craft, adds prehistoric plants and dinosaurs to the world of Minecraft. Players can create baby dinosaurs by extracting DNA from fossils and processing it through various machines.

Examples of dinosaurs in the mode include Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptor, and Triceratops. Find dinosaur DNA in various fossils such as fossilized ores, petrified logs, or fossilized nests.

This Minecraft mod includes various tools and items to build dinosaurs and dinosaur museums or parks. It also comprises machines like DNA extractors, developing machines, or incubators. Players can navigate the park using three vehicles: a helicopter, a Ford Explorer, and a Jeep Wrangler.

In addition, you can collect prehistoric creature bones and assemble them on the skeleton assembly table. Once completed, the skeletons can be displayed in a museum. Meanwhile, you can decorate your dinosaur park with items such as murals and attraction markers.

13. Farming Valley

Created for fans of games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, Farming Valley is a mod pack that turns Minecraft into a game focused on building a farm and developing a small town.

Players can grow, harvest, and sell crops to earn money. The game has four seasons, and each season has its own set of crops to grow. Nearly examples are cabbage, corn, and eggplant.

In addition to crops, players can tend animals such as cows, chickens, and sheep and sell animal products such as milk, eggs, and wool.

You can sell crops and animal commodities to local NPCs with their names and personalities. Players can develop relationships by talking to them and giving them gifts. Eventually, they might even get married.

14. SkyFactory

Containing more than 200 Minecraft mods and more than 30 world types, SkyFactory 4 is the fourth version of the original 2014 SkyFactory skyblock mod pack.

Skyblock is a popular survival game mod that requires people to build and expand their Minecraft world with minimal materials. With this mode, the player usually starts in an empty world above a tree with a block of dirt underneath.

This version of SkyFactory’s unique resource collection system is a unique quality. Players can plant Sky Orchards that grow into trees that drop resources such as iron, gravel, and gold. This Minecraft mod also includes an optional prestige mode that lets players unlock new items, mobs, and mechanics through an open progression system.

15. YUNG’s Better Dungeons

A classic Minecraft dungeon, characterized by cobblestone walls, floor, and ceiling with random mob spawners in the middle of the room, and one or two wooden chests in the structure with random loot inside them, It is one of the famous structures. Inside the game.

This mod aims to redesign vanilla dungeons and also adds three new dungeons: undead castles, catacombs, and spider caves.

Vanilla dungeons are efficiently the same as before, with an updated design.

Spider caves are huge caves full of webs and wool. They will only breed cave spiders and regular spiders. Nesting chambers contain spawners, which are egg chambers.

Undead castles are cubic in a design similar to strongholds. These are among the most classic dungeons in the mod. Masses of loot and skeleton spawners are everywhere.

Last Is the Catacombs

These are large, spacious burial chambers built into underground mezzanines. Although there’s plenty of loot, thin corridors and zombie spawners will almost certainly overwhelm players if they’re not too careful.


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