Best Weapons List in PUBG (2023)

Best Weapons in Pubg. The arrival of PUBG Mobile has undeniably changed the landscape of professional and casual mobile gaming in a big way. Many people are now referring to it as one of the best mobile games ever. A game that began as a simple battle royale game now offers numerous gameplay modes such as deathmatches, dominances, sniper training, and more.

It is not easy to rank all the best PUBG weapons; all the weapons in pubg mobile have their own feature. Everyone likely has their personal favorites, which others might not like. It is beautiful for everyone to have their preference. The truth is that it’s an opinion that everyone is entitled to have, including Digit.

It is to be noted that before we begin, we will exclude certain categories from the best PUBG weapons list. As a gamer, you should consider including LMGs (since there are only two of them), Crossbows (because there’s nothing else like them), grenades (since they’re a tactical option), and pistols (since you’ll probably hardly ever be using them in a match). Now, let us proceed to the first step without further ado.\

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Assault Rifles (AR): M416

In PUBG, one of the best assault rifles is the M416. The M416 is very reliable and is one of the best assault rifles. One of the most popular game weapons is the M416. It is very common for players to use this weapon due to its low recoil and high level of stability. There is a very good and decent fire rate with burst mode, which is useful for the close-range weapon, medium, and long-range combat situations. This weapon uses 5.56mm bullets. M416 is easier to obtain.

What makes M416 so special?

  • A high level of stability
  • Almost no recoil (Low Recoil)
  • Damage of a high degree
  • Close-range, medium-range, and long-range best weapons in pubg
  • A mid-range combat

You can get M416 in the following ways:

In PUBG, this AR is quite common and can be found in rooms, rooftops, etc. There is a very high spawn rate for this AR.

Assault Rifles (AR): AKM

The AKM is a video game version of the popular AK-47 rifle. AKM, on the other hand, fires 7.62mm rounds and is just a little bit behind the Groza when it comes to damage. On the other hand, the assault rifle AKM is ahead of the Groza because it is more readily available. There is only one way to get the Groza through airdrops, which makes it hard to obtain. However, there is a possibility to get the AKM from pretty much anywhere. In addition, the AKM has a decent rate of fire and a high damage rate. The AKM is regarded as one of the top Pubg weapons in the AR category. Assault rifle AKM is only a problem because of the high recoil rate that it experiences. Normally, it can hold up to 30 bullets, but with Extended Mag AR, it can hold up to 40 bullets.

AKM is effective for the following reason:

  • Extremely high level of damage
  • Used at close range or medium range
  • At a moderate fire rate

To obtain AKM, follow these steps:

In PUBG, this is one of the most common AR. They are spawned on various maps throughout the game.

Sniper Rifles: AWM

There is only one way to get the AWM, which is via airdrops, and it is only compatible with magnum bullets, which are only obtained via airdrops. Probably sniper rifles are the most potent weapon of choice in the game. The AWM is undeniably the best sniper gun in the game. This gun is guaranteed to kill or knock you out with one shot. Compared to the other best weapons in the game, the only disadvantage of the AWM is that it is not as common as other PUBG guns. If you want to obtain a flare drop supply, you have to hunt for an air drop supply or call for it in advance.

Additionally, the sound of the gun being fired also has a psychological effect on anyone else in the game who happens to hear it.

What makes AWM so great?

  • It can deal high amounts of damage
  • using just one bullet at a time
  • Outstanding in the game
  • Takes less time to reload
  • Best for long-range shots

Here is how to get AWM:

It is difficult to acquire AWM. Maps do not spawn on it. They are looted from airdrop rather than spawning on them.

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Assault Rifles (AR): GROZA

The Groza is regarded as one of the most powerful and lethal pubg weapons. The Groza cannot spawn on its own. Instead, it is looted from an airdrop. This assault rifle takes 7.6mm ammo and can hold 30 rounds. If we use an extended mag, we will be able to hold 40 rounds, which will pack 48 base damage each. There are two firing modes: single-shot and fully automatic. This fully automatic mode boasts a fast fire rate, with only 0.080 seconds in between shots.       

Groza is great for the following reasons:

  • Damage of a high level
  • The rate of fire is high
  • Accuracy will be improved

You can get Groza in the following ways:

· A weapon known as Groza can only be obtained by looting an airdrop that carries it. There is no place on the map where it can be found.

Light Machine Guns DP-28 

The DP28 lightweight machine gun is another versatile weapon that can be deadly if employed correctly.

When firing the DP-28, a bullet will deal the maximum amount of damage out to 50 meters, with the damage decreasing from 298 meters, at which point the bullet will deal the least amount of damage. This weapon can easily accommodate a good scope of up to 6x, so it can be used for short, medium, and long-range combat like the M416 can handle. In addition to the large clip, the gun also offers a huge reloading time, but to balance that out, it also offers one of the slowest reloading rates. Furthermore, you cannot attach any attachments to this gun other than the sight. However, it is worth noting that the DP28 is relatively stable when it comes to recoil.

What makes DP28 so great?

  • High-level damage
  • Reload 47 bullets
  • Adjust 6x scope easily

You can get DP28 in the following ways:

PUBG has many AR available to it, which can be found in rooms, rooftops, etc. The spawn rate of fire AR is also very high.

MG3: Light-Medium & Heavy (LMG)

Despite its overwhelming power, especially when dealing with enemy vehicles, this LMG is equally effective against troops. You will only find it in supply crates, but the risk is worth it. 

The pistol can be toggled between either 990 or 660 RPMs and a bipod for added stability when playing defensively, making it the perfect weapon for a “holdout” situation. Even though the magazine holds 75 rounds, you can use up to 6x good scope, which gives you the freedom to pick your shots.

The gun does tend to recoil without the bipod, but if you can place yourself behind cover, you can mow down half of the opponents in the match if you can position yourself correctly.

What makes MG3 so great?

  • Firing Mode: Auto
  • Machine gun type: Light Machine Gun
  • The initial speed of the bullet is 820 m/s

You can get MG3 in the following ways:

One of the best pubg guns known as the MG3 can only be unlocked by looting an airdrop that carries that gun. You will not be able to find this gun anywhere on the map.


A marksman rifle, known as the SKS (Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova), is a good compromise between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. As a result, this rifle excels in medium-range combat and possesses an incredible stopping power when used effectively in CQC (close quarter combat), but will show limited effectiveness in long-to extreme range combat due to its lack of precision. As one of the few best Pubg weapons with high damage, fire rate, and long-range effectiveness, the SKS is a good option. It also accepts the most attachments of all the sniper rifles.

However, the SKS has its downsides. A standard magazine with only ten rounds, coupled with high recoil and high precision, makes them easy targets.

SKS is great for the following reason:

  • An example of damage at a high level
  • The fire rate is very high in this area
  • There will be an improvement in inaccuracy

To obtain SKS, from following these steps:

In PUBG, this SKS is quite common and can be found in rooms, rooftops, etc. There is a very high spawn extreme fire rate for this SKS.

DMR: MK14 – Marksman rifle 

Mk (AKA Marksman rifle)14 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) is a weapon that can only be found in airdrops in a battleground and is a DMR type of weapon. Specifically, the MK-14 is a DMR weapon that can also be utilized in automatic mode. There is no doubt that MK14 is one of the best DMR weapons in PUBG because its damage rate is very high. This weapon uses 7.76mm ammunition. The full-power 7.62x51mm cartridge used in this weapon is excellent for use at close and short range when it is in automatic mode and suitable for use at long range when used in single-shot mode. This is due to its reliability and ability to handle full-power 7.62x51mm cartridges.

What makes MK14 so special?

  • Great damage
  • Perfect use in close range

Here is how to get Mk14:

There is a weapon known as Mk14 that can only be obtained by looting an airdrop.

 Assault Rifles (AR): M762 – Best Sniper rifle

M762 is otherwise called Beryl M762, is a weapon of the attack rifle family. The Beryl M762 is adaptable and has more extensive connections than the AKM. Most Gamers think of it as practically identical to the SCAR-L. While its base harm per shot is somewhat lower than the other 7.62mm attack rifles, it has a quicker discharge pace, making generally harming each second higher than the AKM. It is one of the best PUBG weapons because of its discharge rate and harm count. However, it has less strength and can be helpful during short proximity battles. It loads up to 30 shots initially, yet with Extended Mag AR, the count can increment up to 40.

What makes M762 so special?

  • High damage
  • Perfect use in close range

How to find M762:

One of the pubg best guns, known as the M762 can easily be found in the room, rooftop, etc. You will be able to find this gun anywhere on the map.

SMG: UZI Submachine Guns

UZI submachine guns are minimized and lightweight with a fast discharging speed. Sadly the compromise of having an extraordinary terminating speed is that it experiences precision and reach. Yet, numerous gamers track down it as very valuable in the beginning stages of the game. It reloads 25 bullets when it has an extender mag; then, it reloads 35 bullets. This is always a great option for a secondary weapon.

“UZI is incredible in 1v1 circumstances or where a crew surges at you with various adversaries shutting in. You probably won’t lean toward utilizing an SMG (submachine guns firearms) in PUBG Mobile, yet the UZI is a particularly astounding weapon to have. It is incredible for short-range and mid-range fights because of its quick pace of fire. One clasp into your foe, and he is toast! The UZI additionally proves to be useful during the early.

There are just two shots

Why is UZI perfect?

  • It contains high harm
  • It reloads 35 bullets
  • They have a perfect recoil

How do we find UZI (Submachine Gun)?

· You can find it easily in rooms, rooftops and so on. You will be able to find UZI anywhere on the map.


What is the extent of the damage to M416?

Despite having 41-hit damage per bullet, the M416’s damage multiplies based on where the bullet impacts. A headshot from an enemy player in PUBG Mobile deals the maximum damage to the player. Using the M416 rifle in the game only takes a couple of headshots for a player to be knocked out or killed with a level 3 helmet.

What is the advantage of AKM over M416?

In PUBG Mobile, the AKM damage per hit is higher than the M416 damage per hit. 7.62mm bullets are used in the AKM. If an enemy is not wearing a vest, then a single shot from the AKM can deal 49 hit points of damage, which means that 3-4 shoots would be enough to knock the enemy to the ground or even kill them. The M416 is capable of dealing 41 points of damage for each hit.

Do you think AKM is better than M762?

Capacity for damage:

Beryl M762 provides base damage of 46, whereas AKM provides base damage of 47. From a closer look. So many weapons are highly effective at close range since they have negligible differences in the amount of damage they can inflict.

What does AWM PUBG mean?

There are two types of bolt-action sniper rifles – the AWM, Accuracy International’s Arctic Warfare Magnum, and the L115, which the British Armed Forces use. Despite being built on the older L96 frame, this one was specifically designed to be extensible and easy to maintain.

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