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Garena presents various options to players for logging into Free Fire or Free Fire MAX. Commonly, gamers use different platforms for Free Fire Bind Account, like Google (Gmail), Facebook, Twitter, VK, and many others, to sign in. So they can easily save their progress online, meaning there will be no data loss even after switching devices off.

Yet, the guest login method needs to offer the magnificence of data organization, meaning users can quickly lose their progress. Hence, it is a good idea to bind the Player ID with a specific platform to safeguard development maintenance. Furthermore, one can also demand free bonuses after doing so.

By following the given steps, you should link your guest account to a specific platform in Garena Free Fire or its MAX variant:

  • Open Garena Free Fire/Free Fire MAX on your smartphone or PC.
  • Using your guest account, log into the game.
  • Now tap on the gear icon on the main-screen portion to open the system settings of the game.
  • After that, You Stay on the Basic tab and look at the accessible options for the login methods.
  • You can choose your required substitute; however, you are advised to select either Facebook or Google to claim the bonuses in the game.

Also, with the rewards or bonuses, using Google or Facebook is helpful if you are looking for the Free Fire/FF MAX Advance Server program.

  • After choosing your favorite option, you must confirm the binding and log into the game again.

If your free fire bind account has already been attached to another Player ID, you should repeat the process with another substitute or ID to get the upcoming rewards.



From the start of the Free Fire era, the designers now came up with a unique idea of keeping a player’s profile using his in-game nickname and an ID. Many players still need to decide whether they can make or not a Free Fire ID login. So we’ll discuss using Free Fire IDs to find the correct answer.

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Free Fire ID

Free Fire ID

Together with PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile, Garena Free Fire has emerged to fame in the mobile gaming society due to fast-paced and highly aggressive matches in combination with outstanding character abilities, fabulous in-game cosmetics, and furthermore.

As one of the greatest hits in the territory of the Battle Royale games, Garena Free Fire is now providing tons of daily active players, and every player steps into the game with his specific nickname and ID to differentiate himself from the others.

Free Fire allows the players to create nicknames using alphabet letters or more stylish characters. Still, the numeric Player IDs are prepared mechanically, and you cannot change them.

The Use of Free Fire ID

The Use of Free Fire ID

The Free Fire ID is undoubtedly handy as players can use it for various objectives comfortably. Here’re how we can take benefit of it:

  • To redeem codes at the Free Fire conversion site.
  • For gaining in-game currency on top-up websites.
  • For looking up, other players also add them as Friends in Free Fire.

How can You Log in with Free Fire ID?

First, we must clarify the question: Can you log in to Free Fire using your ID? In short, Garena has yet to facilitate the ‘Free Fire login with ID’ function.

Remember when you try the game for the first time and have to select between playing as “Guest” and joining with “Facebook”? New players should link their Facebook (or Twitter/VK) accounts to Free Fire if they want to generate an account and save their progress.

The persons already owning an existing account in Free Fire also use social media as the single method of logging into the game. It’s not possible to sign into Free Fire with your ID, unluckily.

Note: You shouldn’t adopt the “Guest” option if you are a regular game member and keep up with your real-time progress on any device.

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How Can You Fix Free Fire Login Error?

How Can You Fix Free Fire Login Error

Seldomly players face a login error in Free Fire, which prevents them from accessing the game.  Such an error occurs with the automatic message that reads, “Access token invalid; please re-login.”

As a player from any other server of Free Fire reportedly came across this technical bug, Garena responded to what happened to its product, issued a few simple steps to follow in Free Fire, and then returned to regularity.

If you’re a concerned player and want to fix the login error right away, follow the guidance below:

  • Log out of your Facebook account in the Facebook App & all other browsers.
  • Enter your Facebook login details when you login into the game.

Once after doing that, you can regain access to the game in a matter of seconds. There’s no need to panic over your recorded successes or spent money; everything stances still, and your account is safe!


Q: I have already banned my account. Can I log in to my account on other devices?

Yes. But only one can be logged in at a time.

Q: I need to link my Free Fire account to the correct Facebook (VK, Gmail, etc.) account. Can I close it?

Unbinding a Free Fire account from a third-party account is not currently supported to protect your account. You can create a new guest account and commit to validating the Facebook (VK, Gmail, etc.) account.

Q: I have already bound two Free Fire accounts with two different Facebook (VK, Gmail, etc.) accounts. Can I run them both on the same device?

Yes. You can easily switch between different characters on the same device by different binding Facebook (VK, Gmail, etc.) accounts. You need to log out of the Freefire account first to log in to another account.

Q: What have to do if I can’t log in to my Facebook (VK, Gmail, etc.) account?

A: If you are unable to log in and lose access to your Facebook (VK, Gmail, etc.) account, we are unable to assist you in the recovery process. Please get in touch with your respective platform directly. You can also check our guide: Lost login account (FB, VK, Gmail, and Twitter)

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