10 Best Free Fire Bundles

The number of unique cosmetics in Garena Free Fire is unmatched. Incubator, Diamond Royale, in-game store, special occasions, and top-up events give players access to new outfits after every significant update. The game broke the billion-download barrier on Google Play in 2021. In-game bundles are also getting more popular thanks to the increase in installs. As a result, developers are introducing many exciting character bundles in 2021. In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best free fire bundles.

Here are the top 10 bundles

Spirit of Booyah Bundle

In the Free Fire Booyah Store, you can purchase the Spirit of Booyah bundle from the premium crate. This female outfit set has a modern design with black and orange colors that are dynamic and fashionable. Moreover, it includes a cap to give your character an excellent and energetic appearance.

To obtain this Bundle, you must have collected enough Booyah head tokens and visited the Booyah Store’s Premium section. The stunning costume can be purchased with these tokens. The Bundle includes orange sunglasses in a very trendy style. Start collecting tokens now to get it soon.

Kings’ Sword Bundle

It is usually yellow and consists of several combinations of colors. These additional features make it unique. With heavy armor and a suit, the player will have the appearance of a king. That gray color makes you feel calm. They all come with masks, tops, bottoms, and shoes. The King Sword’s Bundle of armor is just as powerful as others. And it looks fantastic from top to bottom. There are bright and shiny colors in every part of the armor. Choose this one. It is an eye-catching color combination.

Criminal Green Bundle

The “Green Criminal Bundle” is the rarest of the Free Fire skin bundles. It’s almost impossible to find it even if it’s in store.

Prior to this, it was available during Special Events in the store’s redeem section. In order to earn Lucky Star points (A form of currency) to redeem the rare Bundle, players must complete certain quests and challenges.

In this Bundle of skins, many references can be found to the Joker character from the DC universe. A joker mask covers the face and completes the green outfit.

Night Clown Bundle

The Night Clown Set is ideal for cosplaying as a Joker in Batman or a killer clown like Pennywise in IT. Purple and blue adorn the Night Clown, who has a devious face and blonde hair. You’ll notice that your characters’ cheeks are extremely long thanks to the face bundle – you’ll see a drastic difference in their facial structure.

Trick Or Treat Bundle

The limited skin bundle “Trick Or Treat” was released by Garena Free Fire last year as part of the Halloween festival. There are skins for both the male and female characters in the Bundle. These have powerful Gothic and zombie influences. These costumes are second best in Free Fire.

The character is dressed as a goth kid with zombie and skeleton-like paint over their body. Various animations are also provided for the characters where he behaves like a zombie for a while.

Arctic Blue Bundle

Blue flames pass over the body of the legendary Arctic Blue Bundle costume. Diamonds Royale introduced the bundle a long time ago. Even so, due to popular demand, the bundle has been brought back to the Magic Cube Store in response to popular demand. 

However, due to the attractive design of this bundle, it is still very popular among many players. However, this bundle has only been purchased by a very few people due to its high demand. Consequently, this bundle could secure a place in the rare bundles’ list, and we haven’t seen any indication of it returning to the game in the near future.

Zombie Samurai Bundle

Among the most terrifying and rare bundles in Free Fire is the Zombiified Samurai Bundle. It is worth mentioning that this bundle came out back in 2019 at a time when the game had barely any player base. I would describe this bundle as being a tweaked version of the ever-popular Samurai Bundle. A mask is included in the package that is bound to scare the daylights out of your enemies.

There are few players who own this bundle in free fire, making it the fifth most rare bundle in the game.

Bunny Warrior Bundle

Continuing with the Free Fire Bunny Warrior Bundle, let us discuss another very rare bundle. Free Fire packets can sometimes be weird, but this one was visually pleasing. The Draw a Bunny event featured a Bunny Warrior bundle. Players were given a free turn every day so that they could draw a bunny on the glass during this special event. Drawing an accurate representation of the rabbit was the only way to claim the pack.

In this way, as a result of the difficulty of drawing an accurate bunny, there was an increased oddity in the pack. In spite of the fact that the Heritage Returns event brought it back, it has rarely been found in Free Fire matches.

Galaxy Dino Bundle

Most players are unaware of the Galaxy Dino Bundle because it’s an obscure bundle. A smaller number of players have bought it than the Hip-Hop Bundle. Dino Rangers Incubator was the principal Incubator of Galaxy Dino Bundle. Six Dino bundles were demoed in the Incubator; each was a one-piece Dino suit with an alternate tone.  Dino Rangers Incubator Galaxy Dino Package was the most costly package and also the most powerful with molecule effects. A Galaxy Dino Bundle can only be acquired using 7 Blueprints and 3 Evolution Stones, which can only be obtained through haphazardly getting Diamonds from the Incubator. 

Hip-hop Bundle

Almost all Free Fire players desire to obtain the epic Hip-Hop bundle as soon as possible. Without a doubt, this bundle is one of the rarest bundles in the Free Fire world. During the Season 2 Elite Pass, the players were given this bundle as a reward. It is not surprising that this bundle didn’t gain much attention as well during the period, just like the Sakura Bundle. I would say that the Street Style bundle is one of the more stylish bundles in the Free Fire community and has a very chic theme to it.


The mentioned bundles are very rare to find in Free Fire, compared to many of the other bundles. However, Garena is working on bringing back all the bundles and making them available for purchase.

The entire article discusses all of the details of the 10 Best Free Fire bundles. You can leave a comment below if you have any questions about this topic. Thank You!

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