Free Fire Call Back Event

Free Fire Call Back Event

Dear ones, in today’s article, we’ll give you a complete guide regarding; how to complete the Call Back Event in Free Fire, so dears, read the following blog post carefully. Here we are introducing to you two ways to achieve the Call Back Event so that you can efficiently complete the Call Back Event.

What is Call Back Event?

What is Call Back Event?

Dears, in our Free Fire game, the Call Back Event comes once a month, and the Call Back Event is such an event that you have to invite your friends, which means you have to call your friends into the game. So dears, in such an event, you have to call only such friends who have not played the game for one month. So dears, the same Event becomes difficult in such terms. Friends, after finishing the Call Back Event, you can get a lot of Free Rewards. So friends, let us explain; how you can complete the Call Back Event.

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How to complete the Call Back Event?

To complete the following Event, you have to invite all your friends to the game who last played the game a month ago. Come on, dears, and now we will tell you how to complete the Call Back Event step by step. See the following!

Step 1– Dear ones, first of all, you must log in to open your Free Fire Max Game, and you will get a Call Back Event in your Event.

Step 2– Friends, the Call Back Event of Battle in Style Event is proceeding. Here in the following stage, you must invite seven friends who last played the game one month ago.

Step 3– After that, you will see the list of all the friends in your Event; you can call your friends looking in the list.

Step 4– You can also request your friends from the social media links to call back.

Call Back Event Problem

Whenever we check our friends’ complete Callback Event list, we know that there are not all contacts. So we cannot complete the callback Event because of this. Dear fellows, don’t worry; here, you will learn about a website from which you can quickly achieve the callback list.  

Free Fire Call Back Event Website

Dear fellows, due to the short contact list of friends, we often need more time to contact our friends, and we have to leave our game, which is why our callback Event is complete. For this purpose, a website is created from which you quickly complete your Call Back Event list of your friends by clicking the Complete button.

Friends, on the callback website, you have to enter the UID of your game, and your callback Event will be completed after some time. There is a website that meets your callback Event, and this website is called Call Back Tool.

Call Friends Back Rewards

Call Friends Back Rewards
As you call a player, you will gain a variety of rewards, as shown below:

You can earn up to 16 boxes, each consisting of 99 diamond rewards, by collecting them online!

After calling old friends, you will get some free rewards that are valuable in the game. Calling back events provides you with expensive rewards. You’ll get a Garena’s Battle Royale Box that can win up to 29,999 diamonds with other goodies. So, all you need to participate in this Event is your Gaming ID, which will be available on your profile.

If you submit your ID in the application, it will be shared with other players in Brazil and over the world! The following method will help you! So, enter your FF Player UID one hour to increase the chance of getting support.

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Free Fire Friends Call Back Event Rewards

Here are all of the awards you will receive if you successfully get back quiet members to the game:

  • 1 Friend Call Back Rewards — 10x Booyah Dice
  • 3 Friends Call Back Rewards — 10x Booyah Dice & Booyah Helm
  • 5 Friends Call Back Rewards — 10x Booyah Dice
  • 7 Friends Call Back Rewards — Diamond Royale Voucher &10x Booyah Dice

So dear fellows, we hope you have liked this article today, so share the blog post with your friends who have the intimate urge to know about Free Fire Call Back Events so that your friends can also complete their call back Event; thank you.


  • How do you call a player back on free fire?

The Players should follow the steps mentioned below to call back friends. 

First Step: the players should launch the battle Royale title on the devices and head to the Events section. 

2nd Step: The users can tap on the Battle in Style event portion and scroll down to trace the Call Back Friends!

  • What is an event callback?

An event callback function is a function in a script that the Monitoring Scripting Client calls in reaction to an event. In your event callback functions, offer code to generate statistics from the data in Event. Usually, the following types of statistics can be generated from the data in events.

  • How do you call back a friend?
  • Tap on the Friends icon at the screen’s top right-hand side corner, and a new menu will appear.
  • Tap on the Call Back tab at the left-hand side corner of the screen.
  • What are the types of Callbacks?

There are two types of Callback.

  1. Differing in how they control data flow at runtime: blocking callbacks and also known as synchronous callbacks or just callbacks.
  2. Deferred callbacks and also known as asynchronous callbacks.
  • What does Callback mean on Free Fire?

Garena has incorporated a new event, Call Back, in Free Fire MAX, allowing gamers to gain rewards for appealing to inactive friends back to the battle royale title. The gamers can win a Battle in Style Crate and Diamond Royale Vouchers this time.

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