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Free Fire is the only Mobile battle royal game that continues to launch new events, characters, pets, and Gloo wall skins to the game. With every new event, Garena launches a gang of new Gloo wall costumes that players can use on the battleground.

Since the figure of available Gloo wall skins in Free Fire has become immense, fans have difficulty finding the best Gloo wall skin in the game. For the inexperienced, these items play an essential task in FF because they create an immediate wall on the field to protect players from the opponent’s attack.

Gloo Wall

Gloo Wall

Gamers must place several Gloo walls head-to-head each other and then stay crouched or frozen, and such an action will confuse enemies regarding players’ position and prevent enemies from conveying harm to them.  

Walls or Skins in Garena FF

Garena is attractive and constantly introduces several Free Fire Skins and accessories. These in-game items contain availability and rarity. Many things are short-term and special to events related to top-ups, festivals, collaborations, etc., while others make it to the Free Fire store.

Most of the items have their granted sections in the game, while skins for Gloo Walls don’t have one. Most Gloo Wall skins appear in Free Fire through a time-limited event. However, most Gloo Wall designs return on special occasions or through the redeem codes in Free Fire.

Use Gloo Wall Like a Pro

Use Gloo Wall Like a Pro

Users must first bow and then choose the Gloo Wall grenade. After this, they should position the crosshair next to them and slide the fire button to set the Gloo Walls. Gamers can drag their joystick in the direction to cover themselves from all possible orders.

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Gamers must place several Gloo walls adjacent and remain crouched or prone. It will confuse enemies regarding the position of players and will prevent enemies from imparting damage to them.

10 best Gloo wall skins in Garena Free Fire

10 best Gloo wall skins in Garena Free Fire

For Free Fire players, fashion is necessary in the real world. The game’s developers constantly add fresh, exclusive, and fancy in-game porcelains such as weapon skins, costume bundles, and more to the battle royale shooter.

The Gloo wall skin is one of Free Fire’s most notable appearances. Users keenly expect new arrivals, and one of the critical reasons for this is the distinct designs on these costumes that fascinate youths.

Plenty of Gloo wall costumes have already been announced in Garena Free Fire. Many gamers are progressing in this field.

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Angel Wings

Angel Wings

Angelic-themed costume bundles have gathered massive popularity in the community and have become some of the rarest items in the shooter so far. Like, other angelic-themed cosmetics, the Angelic Wings Gloo wall skin is also in high demand in Free Fire.

The wing, designed on this Gloo wall, is the center of fascination for many users.

Justice Fighter

Justice Fighter

The Justice Fighter Gloo wall skin is based on famous Indian celebrity Hrithik Roshan, aka Jai. It was released during a cooperation event with him.

His face has been pictured on the wall neatly, making it a good-looking product. The Justice Fighter Gloo wall skin is ideal for all fans.



It is one of Free Fire’s most admired and appreciated Gloo wall skins. It can be considered a creatively designed release in the Gloo wall category.

With a sequence of white and purple colors, it has two parts in its design. Despite having the potential to become rare, it has been rewarded for free in a particular event.

Cobra Strike

Cobra Strike

The Cobra Strike costume is a Gloo wall that appeared in BR name as part of a spinning event called Cobra Party.

The combination of red and black/grey colors gives it a catchy demonstration. It is also bigger than other skins when installed.

Death Guardian

Death Guardian

After its announcement two years ago, the Death Guardian costume in Gloo wall became popular and is still in use today.

Coming to the design, Death Guardian is not so much shiny. Though, its metal-like likeness can attract some fans.

Gate To Oblivion

Gate To Oblivion

Gate to Oblivion is a red-themed Gloo wall skin or Costume. Its shape is devil-like. The fantastic effect is another attractive feature of the Gloo wall.

An event which is called Shark Attack this wall launched a year ago. Players should take it if it restores the game soon.

Taunting Dino

Taunting Dino is green-themed as a Gloo wall skin, and the graphics on the wall produce a sense of humor. So, it is suitable for the fans who keep bringing fun elements while fighting, representing their personality to even enemies. Two years ago, Gloo wall skin came into view at the Draw a Dino event.

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Swordsman Legends.

Swordsman Legends.

The Swordsman Legends Gloo wall skin represents the Swordsman Legends-themed event. More than a year ago, it was made reachable to fans via the event-themed top-up event.

With several patterns, the pinkish effect on the Gloo wall is pretty fascinating. It is rare to find players with this specific product in Free Fire.

Spikey Spine

Spikey Spine

Spikey Spine Gloo wall skins and other unique items were originally released for the event. The Spikey Spine-themed cosmetics have maintained their popularity among Free Fire fans till now.

With a pink and dark purple color mix-up, it’s pretty attractive to see the structure of this Gloo wall.

Dragon Seal

Dragon Seal

Dragon Seal skin is one of the oldest items in the BR shooter. It’s simple but attractive, and the dark cyan-colored Gloo wall was well-liked after its announcement.

Free Fire players introduced the Dragon Seal as a free item on a specific occasion, affecting its rarity.


How do you destroy Gloo walls?

One of the easiest ways to demolish a Gloo Wall is by throwing Frag Grenades. Anyone can do this. It would help if you tossed Grenades from a safe distance. However, the damage caused may not be enough to crack a Gloo Wall, depending on where they land, the damage inflicted may not be enough to snap a Gloo Wall.

How to get FF Skins?

Free Fire regularly adds in-game events as a way to acquire free skins. In one latest event, ‘Perm Gun Skin Check In’ so, players will receive ‘Groza-Winterlands,’ ‘M14-Winterlands’, ‘SPAS12-Winterlands,’ and ‘MP40-Winterlands’ for just logging in on given days.

Which characters can break Gloo Wall in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire introduced Skyler in July 2021 in the OB26 and then was updated. His in-game account calls him “a CEO and superstar.” Among the particular abilities is Skyler Riptide Rhythm, where he can shoot a sonic wave that can destroy five Gloo walls with a range of 100 meters. This sonic wave can destroy 5 Gloo walls with a button. This sonic wave will finish 5 Gloo walls in its path and takes a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Which Gloo wall is rare?

Gloo was introduced in the game as a pre-order bonus before Season 24 Elite Pass. The Gloo wall was a pre-order return, which is why it never returned to the game and became unique with time.

Which character has an unlimited Gloo wall in Free Fire?

Every new character after adding in Free Fire signifies the attention of every player who’s deep-seated about ranking. This game’s character system has made it one of the most artless battle royale games ever.

What is a Gloo Wall in Free Fire?

Gloo Wall is an essential item of Free Fire, but every player uses it. You can use Gloo Wall to shield yourself from enemy attacks. You can deploy a Gloo Wall anywhere and get behind it to save yourself from direct enemy fire.                                      

What is meant by Gloo Wall?

Gloo was introduced in the game as a pre-order bonus before Season 24 Elite Pass. It consists of 10 items, including the Gloo Wall, which was reachable at the event for just under 700 diamonds, a great deal.

Gloo Wall number 360° is an improvement player can use to protect themselves from all routes. It provides short-term shelter. To pull off this trick, players need at least three grenades.

Where is Gloo Wall in Free Fire?

First, users must reach the ‘Armory’ tab under Free Fire’s ‘Weapon’ section. After that, they must select the ‘Grenade’ option and choose ‘Gloo Wall.

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