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Free Fire Signature Style

Are you looking for the Best Free Fire Signature Lines? We are here to help you to provide the complete guide. The trend of applying charming nicknames and organization names has grown in attractiveness in Free Fire as players want to identify every area of their profile. As part of the OB26 update, the profile section suffered a significant renovation, and the signature feature was combined into the game.

The signature is a specific area where the players can add a line, an idiom or other text of their specific. The players can practice Hex codes to enter multi-colored editions in their signatures. Go through the whole article to know the complete procedure for changing the signature text color.

It is noticeable to all visiting fans in the bottom right corner of the profile, and gamers wish to apply unique and intelligent signatures. Users can mix several colors, symbols, and font faces. Here is a complete guide so that players can follow step-by-step to change their IGN. There is a brand of names that they can also try out while generating their IGN.


Free Fire Profile Signature Style

Free Fire Profile Signature Style

Players can adjust their signature for free without Diamonds. As a result, they can continue adjusting it at any time. Besides, after the latest updates, the signature is not observable to them when they visit their profile but is observable to others.

Gamers can quickly adapt their signature color using the Hex codes surrounded by the brackets. They can easily attain the Hex codes on the internet; if users are unable to find them, here are a few of them:

  • Aqua – 00FFFF
  • Purple – 800080
  • White – FFFFFF
  • Orange – FFA500
  • Blue – 0000FF
  • Yellow – FFFF00
  • Silver – C0C0C0
  • Red – FF0000
  • Maroon – 800000
  • Green – 008000
  • Fuchsia – FF00FF
  • Lime – 00ff00
  • Maroon – 800000

Furthermore, users can enter various symbols in their signature, found in several YouTuber videos. Here are a few of the symbols that players may contain in the signature:

  • ▂▂▂▂▄▙▟▄▄▂▂▂▂▂▙
  • [FF0000] ᯤ 9 9 9 + NO internet
  • █▙▟▀▜▛◤
  • ______◢▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
  • ◤ ◢◤’╯YOUR NAME

Here are a few Steps to change the signature in Free Fire players can change their signature by following these steps 

How to change the signature text color in Free Fire?

How to change the signature text color in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire has become one of the giant battle royale games in mobile gaming. The game has an immense number of players from crosswise the world. In 2019, it became the highest downloaded mobile game universally. The game gained the reward for the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019. Also, with the improvement of its great gameplay, the developers are known for several updates for the players.

Freshly, Garena has attached an option to put a colorful name in the Signature tab, an additional feature added to the gamer’s profile anyway, adding a country flag and V Badge.

Here are all Free Fire Signature Lines color codes for players:

1.     [0000FF] Blue

2.     [00FF00] Green

3.     [FF0000] Red

4.     [FFFF00] Yellow

5.     [00FFFF] Light blue

6.     [FF00FF] Pink

7.     [FF9000] Orange

8.     [6E00FF] Purple

9.     [CCFF00] Lime green

10.  [0F7209] Dark green

11.  [FFD3EF] Light pink

12.  [FFFFFF] White

13. [000000] Black

14.  [808000] Light brown

15. [482B10] Dark brown


  •  Open the game and click on the poster in the corner to reach the profile section.
  •  Now click on the “Edit” icon of the profile section.
  •  After that, the “Player Info” dialog box will develop. Then click on the “Signature” option.
  • Inject the favorite color’s hex code before their signature in Free Fire. 
  •  Finally, click the “OK” button to check the actions. Now the changes could be evident on the player’s profile.


So dear fellows, we hope you are satisfied with our helpful guide and the necessary information. Now you can put your signature in the most stylish in Free Fire. 

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