Top 10 Best Free Fire Skins Ever

With its launch back in 2017, Garena Free Fire has earned its name among the best games in the world. This game is especially popular in India. Its popularity has reached its peak. Already, the game has made a name for itself in the mobile game industry. There have already been 1 billion downloads of the game, and new players are joining every day. A number of special features make Free Fire an extremely unique game. Free fire skins are available, such as car skins, gloo wall skins, and gun skins. The gun skins are very helpful to players. Gun skins can increase range, fire rate, accuracy, reloading speed, or magazine capacity. These items are available from the in-game store or during special events during the game. We will explore 10 of the best gun skins in Free Fire in this article.

Draco Blue Flame

One of the Gun Skins that players in The Garena Free Fire Game are unable to unlock easily is the one known as Draco Blue Flame. Upon unlocking the gun skin, players can view weapons in the Evo Section. There are a variety of features to these gun skins. There is so much information to process when it comes to things like kill feeds, kill announcements, etc. Draco Blue Flame AK was part of the faded wheel in the free fire.

Megalodon Alpha Scar-L

Megalodon Alpha is another excellent skin in Free Fire that’s among the top 10. If you want, you can upgrade the skin Evo gun to level 7. Compared with the normal skin, the Evo gun has a decrease in reload speed. The second effect is that it significantly increases the damage rate of Scar, along with the rate of its fire.

Cataclysm AN94

If you prefer this particular type of assault rifle, you should consider getting your hands on AN94 Cataclysm. You could buy it from the in-game store for a total of 40 diamonds in the “AN94- Cataclysm Weapon Loot Crate” we talked about earlier. This effect brought this gun skin to third place in the best Free Fire skins.

Blood Moon Scar

Blood Moon Scar, which is one of the most deadly among all skins in the free fire. The player will increase the gun range and double the damage if they use this skin.

Blood Moon Scar is currently only a disadvantage because it reduces the weapon’s accuracy a little bit. However, you can purchase it from the store in the game for 40 diamonds.

Apocalyptic Red M1014

As part of the “Rampage Apocalypse” Incubator event, Garena debuted the Apocalyptic Red M1014 skin. Among the rare skins released for M1014, Apocalyptic Red is among the most desirable. As a result, the rate of fire has increased by two points. This addition is extremely beneficial for this type of shotgun weapon. Also, increasing reload speed will allow us to reduce ammunition consumption and cover the capacity of the magazine.

Duke SwallowTail AWM

AWM legendary skins were a surprise to people when they saw them in the weapon royale, but it’s what they were quite a few weeks ago. AWM skins aren’t just made to be legendary sniper skins; they’re made to counter the drawbacks of AWM skins. It is crucial for a sniper to be able to fire at a fast rate and increase the magazine capacity.

According to the statistics, it looks like this one was designed for players who keep two snipers and know how to switch between them quickly. Because it’s a legendary skin, it has an aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

Mp40 Flashing Spade 

As a result of the color scheme chosen for the MP40 Flashing Spade, the body is coated in golden color, while the muzzle is covered in silver color. Moreover, the weapon deals double damage and has a unique ability when used long distances.

As for rarity, it’s been in the incubator twice, so about 20% of players have probably got it, but it’s still quite unique and has the best stats for MP40.

MP40 Lightning Strike

Lightning Strike gun skin perfectly covers the weak points of the MP40, namely the lower ammunition capacity and damage. Any increase in damage would be multiplied by the MP40’s insane Rate of Fire (best in the game). Luckily, the weakness of the reload speed isn’t too detrimental since the gun already reloads pretty quickly as it is. There is a Lightning Strike Weapon Loot Crate that contains this skin, which will cost you 60 Diamonds.

VSS Rapper Underworld

One of the rarest VSS gun skins available for purchase from the Armory Shop is the Rapper Underworld skin. Free Fire introduce this skin in Moco Store in September. Starting from 9 diamonds, you needed to spin to obtain this gun skin.

Purple and gold combine to create this VSS Rapper Underworld. VSS already boasts massive damage from the SMG category, so this skin will make your VSS more deadly. However, you have to shoot a little bit closer to the enemy because of the minus on the range.

XM8 Fiery Pumpkin red

XM8 Fiery Pumpkin is an extremely rare gun skin since the Armory Shop doesn’t carry it. You can only get this gun skin in XM8 Evil Pumpkin. You need to exchange 8 Evolution Stones for 4 Blueprints: Evil Pumpkins in order to obtain it. 

In celebration of Halloween, Incubator Evil Pumpkin has released XM8 Fiery Pumpkin. Comparing this skin with the others in the Incubator Evil Pumpkin collection, it is the most expensive. A high rate of fire bonus is part of what makes XM8 Fiery Pumpkin similar to XM8 Lively Beast. Furthermore, the additional accuracy of the skin will allow you to take headshots with ease. As for XM8 Fiery Pumpkin, if its reload speed wasn’t limited, it would be ranked as the number one choice in this list


For avid fans of Free Fire, the above skins are some of the best items available. Players should try to acquire all of these items as soon as possible because of their additional effects on gun stats. You can leave a comment if you have any questions regarding this topic. Thank You!!!

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