Free Fire Update Patch Notes

Free Fire Update Patch Notes

We will learn Free Fire Update Patch Notes in the following content. Garena Free Fire OB38 Patch Notes – Announced a new character, a pet, and more. Garena is excited about the new patch by announcing the upcoming date: OB38 Update is just around the corner, and Garena Shares a review of the new. Versions even go so far as to advertise the arrival of new patches. A new character Santino, a new pet – Kactus, and many other in-game models will roll out on 11 January 2023. The developers have excited the patch notes, telling the key ones that would appear in-game. Everyone needs to know about the Free Fire OB3 Update Features.

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Garena Free Fire OB38 Release Date

Garena Free Fire OB38 Release Date

 In an up-to-date post, Garena publicized that the OB38 Update would begin on 11 January 2023. The heading will, as usual, go through a maintenance break which mostly takes around 5 to 8 hours. It commonly starts around 11 .30 AM IST and ends at 5.30 PM IST. Garena even announced a particular patch event to motivate the fans, where users will get special prizes upon completing the given tasks.

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 Garena Free Fire OB38 Patch Notes

On special occasions, Garena brings a new character and a pet beside other standard models. This edition will also like Santino (a new character) and Kactus (New Pet) appearing in the game. The OB38 Update will also add a new Weapon Leaderboard for players to get an idea of the best weapons for specific zones. The OB38 arrangement will also hold new items – Jammer and Loot Radar.

Quickly, the new version will go through new amendments, balancing, character updates, and others. Players wait for the same to approach within a few days and get their hands on the new items, and that is only an overview. Garena will publically show the full patch notes on the day of its arrival on 11 January 2023. So, stay regulated for more details by visiting

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