How To Grow Glow Berries Minecraft

Glow berries are unique fruits added in Minecraft cave and cliffs update 1.17. They are yellow-orange, with leaves sticking out like scythes. Due to their luminous properties, we can also use them for decoration.

If you see glowing vines hanging from the roof of a cave, know that they are bright berries. These berries also help reduce hunger and breed foxes, so you may want to keep some in your inventory.

So, if you have no idea about growing berries in Minecraft, this article will be of great importance to you.

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Minecraft Glow Berries

Fresh Cave

You can find bright berries in Lush Cave Biomes. The loot in the chest and the minecart inside the mine shaft also have a high chance of getting them. So look for the minecart and loot chest if you come across a mine shaft.

I will give you instructions on how to find and harvest hot fruits. There are also items you will need for efficient farming. I highly recommend crafting items like bone meal and skid.

Where can I find Glow Berries?

Azaleas Tree

First, you need to find the Azalea tree. Azaleas are rare, growing on the surface above Lush cave Biomes, and are primarily found in forest biomes. The tree can be recognized by the pink flower sticking out of the leaves.

If you find one, dig straight down from where the tree stands. You will fall into a cave full of vines bearing bright berries.

There may also be holes or ravines on the surface where they can be seen glowing in the dark.

How do you grow bright berries?

Farming Glow Berries

Now that you have some glowing berries in your inventory and want more, you can grow them. I will give you tips and tricks to grow these berries effectively.

Growing bright berries differs from any other fruit and vegetable in Minecraft because it hangs on its vines. All you need is the bone meal and all the blocks to hang under them. Make sure you leave two or more blocks of space below you.

Place any block four blocks up from the ground. You can increase the height of the blocks as they can reach up to 26, but you can stop their growth with the vine tip scissors. The shear can be made using two iron ingots.

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Location-Glow Berry

While the Glow berries are in your hand, place them under a block with the right mouse button, and they will turn into a cave creeper that will grow one block at a time. 

Glow Berry-Vines

There is a 30% chance that hot berries will grow on the vine. If you don’t see any berries growing, you can use bone meal to knock them off the vines. Click on the vine with the bonemeal in hand, and the vine will begin to burst berries.


You can either wait for the vines to grow longer or use the glowing berries on the tip of the vines.  Right-click on vines with bright berries in hand to grow one more block. You can harvest bright berries by simply right-clicking on the vines where the berries are hanging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s new to get in lush cave biomes besides Glow Berries?

Players can obtain Axolotl, Glow squid, and Tropical Fish in lush cave biomes.

Q. What is the usage of Glow Berries above and beyond food?

Glowing berries can be used for breeding foxes and decoration as they emit ambient light.

Q. Will hostile mobs spawn in Lush Biome caves?

Enemy mobs cannot spawn in lush biomes due to the light emitted by glowing berries.

Q. What is the rarest item found only in Lush Cave Biomes?

The Spore Bloom is the rarest item found in the lush cave biome.

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