How to Block a Subreddit

How to Block a Subreddit? Reddit is one of the best places where peoples come to have an interesting conversation with each other. On Reddit different types of experts come, gaming communities, Internet forums, sports experts, news junkies, Seasoned professionals, Artists, Video creators, meme makers, Animal lovers, and all other types.

Most people around the world using Reddit on daily basis. But due to some issues, they want to block subreddits and they ask how they can block any subreddit. Here you will find the solution to this issue. Connected with us and read the whole article carefully.

A few years ago, it used to be very simpler and easier for Redditors because there was a very easy way to block subreddits and all radiators were a knowledge away. But since they have changed the Reddit design in 2018, everything had been changed and all users have gotten many complications to access the important features.

Subreddits are No Longer Easy to Block Today.

Today Blocking subreddits is not easy as it used to be. Actually, the newer version doesn’t have any feature for blocking. There are multiple ways to blocking any subreddit but the easiest way is to spam vote on it but keep one thing in your mind there should be thousands of spam votes on the specific subreddit to remove it from the feed.

You can dismiss the unwanted Subreddit is to upgrade the version to the premium Reddit version, if you don’t want to use any third-party apps. The Reddit premium version app will allow you to block any subreddit from all list of reddits lists.

Note: The premium version price is $5.99. though this looks like little bit pricy it is worth it and many advanced features you will get.

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How you can subscribe to the premium version:

  • After logging in to your account, click on the arrow button next to your profile picture (Avatar)
  • Go to the user setting and then click on the Reddit Premium Tab
  • On the next page simply click on the Get Premium Button and subscribe to the premium version with your preferred payment plan.
  • After paying the payment, now you can go to the all subreddits list and block the unwanted communities with the new powers, BOOM.

Blocking Reddit using Third-Party Apps

Earlier, people practiced productivity tools like Kora moreover Leech block to block unpopular fellowships from their provisions. However, both of these tools have been out of work for quite a wonderful time presently. But, other more valuable benefits arrange the job done.

How to block a subreddit on Windows or Mac

Whether you are approaching a Windows PC or a Mac, you have the advantage to browse Reddit into various browsers, including Chrome, Safari, including Edge. Thankfully, all these browsers maintain many third-party annexes that allow you to block subreddits and enhance your browsing activity in prevailing. One of the several successful extensions continues the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES).

What is Reddit Enhancement Suite?

Reddit Enhancement Suite remains a browser extension, a sequence of modules that performs your browsing activity on Reddit much more enjoyable. Protecting a million users approaching a specific Chrome browser is one of the most helpful extensions for Redditors; moreover, is powered by the population. It additionally permits you to tackle subreddits and grow throughout the regular Reddit Premium agreement pays.

While it’s possible on numerous current browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Edge, the investment approach is comparable to all of them. You necessitate to attend the browser’s extension market, seek and install it to utilize the critical tool. Let’s view how you can practice it approaching Chrome

Block Subreddit utilizing Third-party apps

Here implies wherewith you can practice the Reddit Enhancement Suite approaching Google Chrome:

  • Establish RES from the Chrome extension market and get positive it is fastened at the head.
  • Persist to
  • Click on the significant RES key to open the drop-down list.
  • The subsequent move is to click on Benefits or the cogwheel icon (depends upon the account)
  • It presents the RES sheet, and to prevent subreddits, and you demand to click approaching the filter Reddit statement on the remaining.
  • Turnabout on the right and scroll fluff the page for additional customization
  • At the tackled subreddits settings, tick on the +add filter key at the lower-left edge.
  • Insert the subreddit name you need to separate and attach more to the list, and you require to click on the +add filter key and return till you are satisfied.

Unluckily, mobile users are exposed to opportunities because multiple popular mobile browsers don’t help extensions, and there are no third-party apps to arrange your approach throughout it. Both the Android and iOS apps for Reddit expect you to spend for Reddit Premium to pound out the undesired subreddits.


It appears that by redesigning Reddit, the developers and characters following the program have decided on different ways to make income, one of which is to maintain all. Though, Redditors have been suffering this motility for quite a remarkable period. While some elect to pay the regular premium agreement, others want to penetrate third-party extracts until Reddit discovers a way to counter that.

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