How to Find a Song on Spotify by Lyrics

Spotify is the most famous music streaming application globally for an apparent reason: its unbeatable catalog that currently has more than 50 million songs. However, it had a problem until now: finding a theme in the app without knowing its exact Name was a highly complex task. Luckily,the company has improved its search system,and from now on,it is possible how to Find a Song on Spotify by lyrics We explain how.

If you’ve been humming a song all day but don’t know how to find it in the most famous music app, Spotify’s new feature solves that problem. The steps you must follow are the following:

1. Open Spotify and go to the search engine

2. Write the words or fragments you remember about the topic you want to search for.

3. The platform will show you a list of song results containing the words you have entered under the title “Match the lyrics.”

4. Now, you just have to go through the list until you find the desired topic

Remember that the more words you use, the better the match and the fewer results the search engine will return. If you write widespread expressions, such as “my love” or “I love you,” the list may belong. However, try to be specific, and with a bit of patience,find a song on spotify by lyrics.

When you find a Song on Spotify by lyrics song you were looking for, you can listen to it, add it to one of your playlists or put the star as your favorite. That easy!

How to Get Lyrics on Spotify on iPhone

Spotify is an excellent choice for people who spend a lot of time on the road. It’s by far the most popular streaming service, and it offers a vast library of songs for free – albeit with ads interspersed throughout your listening experience. All that being said, there might be times when you want to have some lyrics available while you’re listening to music via the Spotify app.

You can find lyrics in various areas of the desktop app, but there isn’t any built-in way to see them on iOS. However, it is possible to use a third-party application or website to show you which song is currently playing and thus provide its lyrics. Take a look at the steps below to see how you can do that.

Difficulty: Easy

Reading music notes By default, Spotify will show you a little notation in the top left corner of your screen whenever it detects a song playing in its library. If you want to read these notes and lyrics along with the song’s title and artist name, launch Safari on your iPhone and head to the following address: “Your Username”&title=”The Song Title”&p;artists=Artist Name When you go there, you should see something like this (note that the lyrics are currently being displayed at the bottom of the screen):

Spotify song notes in Safari If you want to switch to a different song, tap on that specific notation to show its lyrics. Remember that this page will need to be refresh every time you play a piece of new music, so do it manually. By default, the carrier will automatically disappear after a few seconds. If you’re using iOS 8, though, you can add Welikesharing to your list of websites to make it stay on your phone’s screen for as long as you need it.

Setting up Lyrics Helper Apps

The easiest way to see song lyrics on Spotify is by installing a third-party app, such as funky. Download it from the App Store and launch it afterward. Follow its instructions to add a new source for Lyrics. The application will ask you to pick one of your existing playlists or browse Spotify’s library directly to see a matching song title – this is where you should enter the code we showed you earlier, so your iPhone can begin offering the lyrics of your songs.

Get Lyrics on Spotify on TV

Do you use Spotify on your TV? Are you annoyed that songs automatically play when they don’t have lyrics? If so, read on!

To get lyrics for your songs on Spotify’s web player or desktop app, install TuneWiki Lyrics Player. It’s a free extension.

Once you’ve installed it, go to an album/playlist/song on Spotify with lyrics enabled and click the TuneWiki extension button.

The extension will automatically pull up all the lyrics from TuneWiki for this song.

If you don’t want to see a video, make sure “Display videos” is turned off by clicking the Tunewiki logo in the upper righthand corner of your browser. Likewise, if you don’t want to see album art, uncheck “Display album art.”

Now, if you’ve got lyrics enabled on Spotify and play a song with TuneWiki Lyrics Player, all the song’s lyrics will pop up! No more autoplay. =]

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