How to find Amethyst in Minecraft

Amethyst is one of the new crystal materials introduced in Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs Update, which must be mined or harvested from special crystal blocks found in specific geode structures.

Amethyst is available in various block types, including shards, clusters, and crystals. Only a few of them are available in survival mode, but we should have the proper tools to take them out.

Amethyst, as well as colored glass, is a valuable source for a brand-new spyglass tool.

They are used for building, decorating, and tinted glass for decoration, blocking light, and making spyglasses that players can use to see things in the distance.

Amethyst is Found Inside Geodes 

Amethyst is not that complicated to find and can be produced worldwide. Such geodes are circular structures that are large enough for us to enter them.

Geodes are often cracked, which makes it easier for us to get inside them, and sometimes they can be excellent. With a layer of smooth basalt and calcite on the outside, we need to excavate them.

Amethyst geodes are pretty common to produce. Amethyst geodes often occur at the bedrock level, Y=70, and even at the surface level and have a wide range to explore.

The easiest way to find geodes is to hop on a boat and try to travel the ocean biomes.

With the help of night vision, it is effortless to find the geodes from the surface and dive into them. Otherwise, we’ll have to close our eyes in the caves and hope to run into one of them.

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How to Get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft?

Instead of the solid walls of the geode, we can see large clusters and small buds growing on the walls, floors, and interior ceiling.

Amethyst buds are small pieces that come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

The final stage of bud development turns them into amethyst clusters and is the only stage that drops amethyst shards unless we have mined the clusters with silk touch pickaxes.

Also, when mining for Amethyst, make assured the mining cluster is the possible prime cluster and not the giant amethyst bud. Ignore small clusters that are still growing.

Fully-fledged amethyst clusters drop amethyst shards. Amethyst shards are formed when an amethyst bud reaches its final growth stage and becomes a cluster.

How many shards we get depends on the tool we mine the crystal.

Amethyst Clusters Emit Light

When we first enter a geode, we can see a little light inside because the sapphire clusters and buds emit a little light.

Be contingent on the size of the amethyst bud; the light level can sometimes be stronger or weaker.

The bigger the bud, the lighter; the smaller the bud, the less light, and vice versa. Amethyst clusters emit a light level of five, the highest. The following article will help you know the easiest ways to find Amethyst Geodes in Minecraft.

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5 Easiest Ways to Find Amethyst Geodes in Minecraft

  • Oceans

Oceans are one of the most common places to find exposed amethyst geodes because the average sea level in Minecraft is Y 63. Unless the player is very unlucky, they can easily find the geodes in the ocean by searching the boat and finding the blocks they want.

  • Beach

Amethyst geodes are underground structures found anywhere below Y level 70, but sometimes they occur on the surface. Beaches in Minecraft are great for finding exposed geodes on the surface because they are usually around the same height.

  • Mining

Amethyst geodes are rare, and each piece has a 1/53 chance of forming a geode. Since these geodes spawn between Y levels 0 and 70. Players mining at this level has a good chance of finding them.

One of the best mining methods for uncovering geodes is strip mining, and players can locate many other resources this way. Players can use any pickaxe to mine amethyst locks.

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  • Caves

Along with mineshafts, geodes also underlie caves in Minecraft worlds that may change with the arrival of Caves & Cliffs. Update Part 2, but for now, exploring caves is one of the easiest ways to find geodes. As geodes spawn below Y level 70, players should look inside the caves at this height.

  • Ravines and Mineshafts

If the player gets lucky, they might encounter a ravine with an exposed amethyst geode inside. Since geodes can override mineshafts in the game, players can often find geodes inside mineshafts. Even if there isn’t a geode inside the mineshaft, players still have a good chance of finding a bit exposed.

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