How to get a honeycomb in Minecraft?

How to get a honeycomb in Minecraft

How to get a honeycomb in Minecraft? Honeycombs were included in Minecraft Bedrock with the 1.14.0 update and in Java with the 1.15 update. Along with the update came a handful of honey-related items that have since been added and expanded upon.

One of Minecraft’s most underrated in-game items is honeycomb, one of two products derived from bee nests or beehives. The beehive is very easy to obtain, but one significant difficulty in collecting it is it makes the bees aggressive toward the player.

In most cases, harvesting honeycomb from a bee nest or beehive will automatically cause the bees to move in and turn them against the player. Bees in Minecraft also deal venom damage to the player and sting damage, meaning that if a swarm is gathering against a player. There is a possibility that they may die from the attack.

Thankfully, learning how to get honeycomb in Minecraft is pretty easy, and the process is easily repeatable. You’ll only need a few things to get started, but just like in real life, you’ll need to be careful not to upset the bees. Here’s the best way to get honeycomb from bee nests and hives in Minecraft without invoking the fear of angry bees.

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How to Get Honeycomb?

How to Get Honeycomb

To get a honeycomb in Minecraft, you’ll need two things: a pair of scissors and a beehive, and it is the only way to get a honeycomb which is impossible to craft. So before you go bee nest hunting, ensure you have scissors ready to go. You can craft it by placing two iron ingots on the crafting table.

Next, you’ll need to seek out a bee nest that is on trees and found in grasslands. These are grassy biomes full of flowers and animals.

Before you can get a honeycomb from a beehive, it must be at honey level 5. When the bees return with pollen, the level of honey in the nest will increase. During the day, the bees will leave the nest and search for pollen if there is no rain. They will come back at night or during rain; if they have pollen, which will add to the honey level. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time to get a hive, and you can’t speed up pollination.

After the honey drips from the hive, you’ll know it’s ready to harvest. Use your scissors on the nest, and you will get three honeycombs. However, beware, the bees will chase you until they sting you. Once stung, possible your health will reduce, and you will be temporarily poisoned.

It’s also worth noting that the bees’ nest will not be destroyed when you get the honeycomb from it, and you can come back for more once the honey is back to level 5.

How to Get Honeycomb without Being Attacked?

You can place a campfire under the beehive to get to the hive without being attacked. The smoke from the fire will calm the bees and prevent them from stinging you.

Making honeycombs with a campfire is an easy way to avoid an attack and is worth it because they are easy to make. Make sure you place it under the beehive so the smoke can reach the bees.

How to Automatically Farm Honeycomb?

Automatically Farm Honeycomb

If you want to prepare a honeycomb farm, you can use a dispenser with a Redstone signal. Easily place your shears in the dispenser so that it faces the beehive or bee nest, and it will automatically draw honeycomb from the hive when it is ready.

On the other hand, there are a few things to be remembered. The honeycomb won’t go inside the dispenser, so you must come back and collect it from the ground. Plus, the dispenser won’t annoy the bees, so you don’t need to build a campfire under it.

You can also retain glass bottles in the dispenser to make honey bottles. Not like beehives, these will be hoarded inside the dispenser. Honey bottles can be used to treat poisoning, as a food item, or to make sugar and honey blocks.

It is worth noting that you can cut honey bottles from a beehive by hand with a glass bottle; similarly, you can cut honeycombs with a pair of shears.

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How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock?

Honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock

Most people will probably be playing through Java, but for those playing on Bedrock Edition, fear not! Regardless of Minecraft’s version, you can use the same harvesting methods and honeycombs; that is especially relevant. Since Update 1.19, you automatically own both the Java and Bedrock versions of the game, even if you only gained one earlier.

How to Use Honeycomb?

In Minecraft, honeycomb can be used to make honeycombs, candles, honeycomb blocks, and shined copper.

If you want to grow beehives, the best thing is to establish a handful of bees. The only difference between beehives and beehives is that nests are self-made, and beehives are craftable objects. You can get Honeycombs from everyone in the same way.

To craft the beehive, you will require six planks and three honeycombs. Open your crafting table and place three of any board in the top row, followed by three honeycombs in the middle row and three more planks in the lowest row; that will give you a honeycomb, which you can use to farm beehives.

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Candles are used only as a light source and can be crafted on the crafting table with a honeycomb and a string. Place the honeycomb in the center of the table and a string on top of it. You’ll get a candle.

Honeycomb blocks are decorative pieces that can add variety to your home ideas. Place four honeycombs in a 2×2 square inside a crafting table, and create a honeycomb block.

Finally, a honeycomb can be used to make a polished block of copper, preventing it from oxidizing. In the middle row of your crafting table, place a block of copper and then a honeycomb, and you’ll make an oxidized version. You can do this with copper blocks, slabs, and ladders.

Now that you know how to get honeycomb in Minecraft, you can set up a lovely little farm and start producing all kinds of fun things Minecraft survival server.


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