How to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

How to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

How to Get Silk Touch in Minecraft? Getting the Silk Touch enchantment is similar to obtaining the others. Our recommended way is to catch a fishing rod with enchantments similar to Luck of the Sea, Lure, and Mending. Retain fishing until you get the Silk Touch I Enchantment Book. Additionally, you can sometimes trade for enchantment books or get enchants at the enchantment table by paying for some experience and Lapis Lazuli. Still, the fishing method is the most reliable way to get them that we’ve found.

Silk Touch in Minecraft

Silk Touch

Silk Touch is an Enchantment that can be placed on most mining tools and is used to prevent certain blocks from turning into drops when destroyed. Instead, they will fall like themselves. Many blocks in Minecraft will not release themselves when destroyed. Instead, it destroys itself and transforms into something else.

Ore blocks are the best example. When a pickaxe destroys a block of Iron Ore, it falls as raw Ore itself, Iron ingot, or Coal Ore. When you use Silk Touch on a block of Ore, it won’t drop Ore, but it will fall like a stone block with Ore still inside, rather than Ore itself. Same with campfire use. The campfire will not be destroyed or dropped by the usual charcoal.

Not every block usually drops items when destroyed, but most blocks are compatible with Silk Touch Enchantment. Those that aren’t yet are destroyed without dropping anything.

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What does Silk Touch do in Minecraft?

What does Silk Touch do in Minecraft?

Silk Touch is one of the most requested enchantments in Minecraft. Enchanting allows you to select an exact block of certain items using the appropriate tools. Such as, if you want to pick coral, you need a pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment. Otherwise, you will be collecting dead corals. To get Silk Touch in Minecraft, you must perform the Silk Touch enchantment on the required tools or get the Silk Touch enchanting book from any village librarian.

For more detail, in this article, we are giving some steps to obtain/get Silk Touch in Minecraft.

  • Open the Enchanting Table crafting menu and engage your lapis lazuli in the slight lapis slot. Ideally, players want a stack of 64 lapis lazuli in the slot to expand possible Enchantment.
  • In the leftmost slot of the Enchanting Table’s UI, players will want to place the tool they wish to enchant with Silk Touch. The Enchantment is well-matched with pickaxes, shovels, axes, and gardening hoes. In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, players can utilize Silk Touch to shears.
  • On the right side of the Enchanting Table UI, players will now see three Runic Script slots. Players can hover their cursor over these scripts to see what Enchantment the tool will cast if they click on it.
  • Players who do not find Silk Touch in the lists can refresh the table’s Enchantment list by conjuring a different item. A great example is enchanting a book to create a newly available enchantment in the table UI.
  • In short, Minecraft players should be able to easily enchant their device with Silk Touch as long as they have Lapis Lazuli and the experience to pay for it.

How to get silk touch hands in Minecraft?

How to get silk touch hands in Minecraft

Minecraft users also want to know how to pick up blocks with their bare hands as if they had the touch of silk. That means every block destroyed by their hands will drop its block item.

Just go along these commands, and you will feel like Enderman is picking up blocks:

/silktouch: offers the player unclear silk touch capabilities.

/silktouch: with no player name, awards the person who entered the command indefinite silk touch abilities.

/unsilktouch: cancels the silk touch capabilities.

/unsilktouch: with no player name, can also be utilized to revoke the silk touch abilities from the player that added the command.

/checksilktouch: checks and shows the silk touch capabilities of the player.

/checksilktouch: with no player name, can be used to check the silk touch capabilities of the player that inputted the command

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Using Silk Touch Enchantment

Using Silk Touch Enchantment

If you were using an Enchantment Table, your Enchantment would apply to the tool you placed in the table.

However, if you bought or looted an Enchantment book from a villager, you’ll need to use an anvil to cast the Enchantment, which will cost you an experience level. Still, it will also allow you to combine the Enchantment with another.

There is only one Enchantment that Silk Touch is incompatible with: Fortune Enchantment. Otherwise, it can be added to the tools mentioned along with any other Enchantments.

When you use a command to apply a Silk Touch Enchantment to a tool, it may be forced onto a tool with which it is incompatible.

In these cases, if Silk Touch is on the same tool as the Fortune Enchantment, Silk Touch takes precedence.


  • What is the best tool for Silk Touch?

The best tools that you can embed silk touches are four: pickaxe, axe, hoe, and shovel. Meanwhile, the pickaxe is the perfect tool for silk touch. It is a multifunctional tool used to mine almost every type of block in Minecraft. An Enchanted pickaxe touching silk can do anything that other tools can do.

  • How to use Silk Touch in Minecraft?

It would help if you held the enchanted tool in your hand to make it work when you can only mine items.

  • What does silk touch do in Minecraft?

Enchantments are useful for improving various weapons, tools, or books. They will improve the capacity of the item by adding extra strength. As for Silk Touch lets you get the exact block you’re breaking instead of its component or missing it entirely. Apart from that, it also allows the players to do several things.

  • How many bookshelves for silk touch?

It was a heated debate among players that minimal bookcases were needed to achieve a silk touch. After a bit of research, it can be prominent that we need at least 9 bookshelves (at least in the third slot) to get Silk Touch.

  • What level do you need to get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

The wanted level to get Minecraft Silk Touch is level 1. You can merely enchant things up to Silk Touch 1. So that is the silk touch enchantment command:/enchant @p silk_touch 1

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