How To Use Emote In PUBG Match

How To Use Emote In PUBG Match? Emotes are common in many battle royal games, including PUBG Mobile. The game offers a plethora of emotes that players can use by purchasing them directly from the in-game shop or obtaining them from the Royale Pass.

The ‘greet’ emote is one of the emotes players receive in PUBG Mobile by default. However, newer players are often unaware of how to use this emote in the game.

Emote function:

In the game, emotes are animations of your character used in various ways for communication and entertainment, such as dancing emotes when you knock out an enemy. PUBG has become an integral part of the game as emotes become a fun way to interact with the other players.

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Are PUBG emotes enabled for matches?

Yes! PUBG emotes are enabled for matches. When you are on PUBG, you see a PUBG character in front of your mobile screen. At the corner of the right side, you saw an upward shape arrow. You click on that arrow then you see a different option. There was an option for setting. When you click on the setting appears with a lot of options. There was one of the names (Privacy & Social). The privacy and social appearance (Social and Connections) setting. In Social Setting, enable Play to emote. In-Game, you saw a new option of PUBG emote, as shown in the picture.

Top 10 emotes names in PUBG:

  1. Spirit of Godzilla emote
  2. The fool emote
  3. Envoy of death emote
  4. Bodybuilder emote
  5. Rhythm rider emote
  6. Elite Agent emote
  7. Traveling in Time emote
  8. Bling Emote
  9. Warrior emote
  10. Avian Tyrant emote


To use the emoticon (smiley) displayed below the ‘Brothers in Arms’ icon after joining a lobby, the player needs to click on it. Once clicked, the player is equipped with the complete set of emotes. Click any emote that you wish to use.


  • PUBG Mobile will open, and you can start a match. If you press on the same, emote icon, the loading screen for emotes will display. 
  • Choose any emote from the list.
  • Afterward, the player can perform the emote on the battlefield.

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How to equip an emote:

  • The player can equip the emote by following the steps given below:
  • On the right side of the screen, click on the Inventory icon.
  • Please select the “Emotes” section from the menu. The screen will display a list of all emotes the user has access to and is the owner of.
  • Any emote you want to use in the loadout can be dragged into the required slot.

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