How to use PUBG Lookup

I’m sure you have heard about PUBG Lookup, one of the community-developed applications, a website to be exact, which allows PUBG players to check a detailed version of their match reports and player statistics.

It utilizes the PUBG API to get details like season statistics for each game mode with detailed options. Details like the detail on the types of kills you get in matches, weapons you’ve acquired, the total amount of damage that you’ve dealt, and so on.


Through the use of Pubg API, the statistic website acquires your desired information and details about the player you are looking for. This includes the player’s preferred season stats, the types and the number of kills they have made, the weapons they have been gaining all throughout the season, the total amount of damage they have taken, and so much more.

Tracking platform Lookup’s advantages:

This website offers a number of benefits to its users. It is possible to view the entire profile of a gamer with just a single click of a finger.

Also, it is able to provide you with an exhaustive list of information regarding players’ KD, season rank, game level, etc.

You can also get the statistics, data, and information of all the gaming consoles, such as the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and smartphones.

This website provides you with comprehensive coverage of the gaming personality so that you can set the game settings to the best of your ability for better results and grab the Chicken Dinner.

On the other hand, if you would like to organize a gaming tournament, then this feature will aid you in selecting the best players from the various features and compatibilities they have to offer.

Stat tracking by Lookup:

You will be able to see all the detailed statistics from this Pubg player if all the required information has been entered correctly. You will be able to see everything from the number of kills to the accuracy of the match play. We will by default only be able to see stats for the past two weeks, but you also have the choice to switch to full lifetime stats by pressing the button “Full Stats”. On the other hand, the “Full Stats” feature offers less information, and not every match report is available.

Stats include the following:





This will allow you to track your teammates and rivals without much effort, thanks to the PUBG lookup tool. There is nothing more you need to know about the profile ID other than the platform, the region, and the in-game name IGN.

The Pubg tracking website has all those details. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, whether about using it or entering your details. If you would like us to assist you with your issue, you can let us know in the comment section below so that we can help you.

Till then, share this article with your gaming partners to aware them of this amazing service, a website to be precise.

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