In PUBG What Is FPP and TPP

A Battle Royale game, also known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), was one of the first Battle Royale games to be released, inspiring many other companies to pursue the fabled quest Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

After releasing in 2017, PUBG has taken the world by storm. This has caused Epic Games to scrap their main story plans for a short game you may be familiar with called Fortnite. The popularity of Garena Free Fire did not catch up with that of 111dots Studio’s game, released in late 2017. This gained even more traction and popularity. However, it reached a point in 2019 when it was also awarded the prestigious “Best Popular Vote Game” award from the Google Play Store by the Google Play Store.

How about FPP & TPP in PUBG?

The term “Third Person Perspective,” or TPP as it is called in video games, refers to a mode of play where you see yourself as if you are sitting behind your character.

First-Person Perspective, or FPP, is how the game appears to your characters as they play the game. It is how you see the game from the perspective of your character.

Just like other PUBG alternatives, these modes are traditional. Counter-Strike is an example of a classic first-person shooter, and Gears of War is an example of a third-person shooter.

You can choose between FPP and TPP with PUBG Mobile. While you can move from TPP to FPP in the game, you can’t switch from FPP during a match.

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The first-person perspective:

When you play PUBG in FPP, you will not see your character. If you enjoy investing in skins for your in-game character, this will be the first con you will have to face since you will not see the new items you have purchased. A second difference is that the game is a little more skill-based. This means you will need to peek around corners more often to see your enemies rather than having the broader field of view TPP offers. 

On the other hand, this is great for our skill level in the game, as we must take additional steps outside our comfort zones to kill our opponents and gain experience. Also, you will not be able to do snaking (hiding in the grass and flanking your opponent) due to the more realistic viewing angle. It will be much more complicated even if you try your finest.

When trying to increase your skill level, FPP will be the preferred method since it is a much more aggressive and realistic way to practice your skills. The idea is that you will be placed in the shoes of your soldier rather than seeing behind his back, which will make it a lot tenser as you scavenge the playing field.

The pros include:

A realistic environment

For skill development

And game strategy learning

Based on Peak


Amount of difficulty

There is no snaking

Less Viewing Angles

It is difficult to see most cosmetics due to the lack of viewing angles.

The FPP will be the best option to increase your skill level. In the FPP, you will be subject to a more demanding level of fighting and survival than those in the TPP.

 The third-person perspective:

It will be a very different experience playing PUBG in TPP compared to FPP. You will notice that your character model will be prominent as soon as you log in to this mode. This will ensure that anyone looking to pick up a unique look for their character will be happy. In FPP mode and being able to see so much more than in FPP mode, you’ll notice that you are no longer required to the peak. In addition, you have more options for snaking around the map.

However, the game may feel a little too easy for some more advanced players, as some of the strategies needed to succeed in FPP mode may not be needed here. You can wait around a corner and get a kill on one of your opponents without the need to employ more complex tactics like peaking, and you can hide for long periods and snake through the grass to the hilt while remaining able to see everything around you.

A player just getting started in PUBG will probably find the TPP option the better option of the two, as it is less aggressive than FPP, which is more aggressive.

The pros include:

A larger field of view

With snaking mode

When seeing cosmetics

The difficulty will be easier


It may be too easy

And less realistic

If you do not have skills that can be applied

Which is more popular, FPP or TPP?

PUBG, at the current time, is more popular from a third-person perspective than from a first-person perspective. This can be attributed simply to the fact that casual players cater to the third-person perspective community.

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The lag in PUBG does not depend on the mode you are playing. There are times when you may experience some lag while playing either FPF or TPP. It is because lag is determined by a player’s device and his Internet connection.


Do you think the FPP is better than the TPP?

There is no right or wrong answer to that question. It depends on the personality of the players.

The FPP allows players to see their characters in-game, which creates a more realistic experience than TPP. The first perspective shows only the player’s weapon and crosshair. This perspective is closer to reality than the third-person perspective.

On the other hand, it is also more challenging to deal with complexity when using FPP. If playing an FPP game, you should not stay behind walls or other objects but look for enemy positions and rotate your camera accordingly.

What are the reasons why FPP is more complicated than TPP?

The essential difference between FPP and TPP can be summed up as follows:

It would help if you peeked around the corner to keep an eye on your enemies when seated behind the wall. You still have an equal chance of seeing your opponent, whereas they do not see you. You still have to have a solid objective skill set.

FPP is more offensive because it requires you to get out of your comfort zone to engage in it.

I believe that FPP is only for those who are stupid. There is a problem with the FPP: you can only see the front part of the view if you are sensitive to grass. The TPP isn’t even necessary, whereas the FPP is.

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