Minecraft Roller Coaster

Minecraft Roller Coaster

Minecraft Roller Coaster is one of the most fun things to build in Minecraft. That is a fun ride but can also be rewarding. Roller Coaster is incredible for fast travel but must be built first.

It is also “necessary” for success. Success requires players to travel 500 meters in one direction on a Rail. That doesn’t make for an exciting roller coaster, but it can be part of it.

How to build Roller Coaster Minecraft?

In this article, we learn how to make a Minecraft Roller Coaster with some simple steps; we will explain in-depth details.

Step 1

Find an excellent spot for your ride. You can build your tracks in mountainous terrain, but you can also try to create them in a forest, cave, or temple in the jungle.

If you’re having trouble building a roller coaster on standard Minecraft terrain, try making a new flat-world game. When creating a new world on the title screen, select More World Options (Java Edition only) and select Flat (Bedrock Edition) or Superflat (Java Edition) before starting your world.

Step 2

Decide what features you want for your Roller Coaster. Tracks for Minecraft do not allow you to do everything that a real roller coaster can do. For example, you can’t do circles, turns, or flips on a Minecraft roller coaster. But you can make hills, sharp turns, powered tracks, and drops. You can also create creative scenery around your tracks. So first, consider what features you want in your track and where your track will go.

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Step 3

Collect the materials you need (survival mode only). To build a roller coaster, you will need a lot of Wood, iron, gold, and Redstone dust. You can consider creatively making a roller coaster since you will have all the resources you need in your crafting menu. To make building your roller coaster will be much faster. If you are playing in survival mode, you will need the following resources:

Collect Wood is easy from trees all over the world map. Hit trees or chop them with an ax to get Wood.

Iron ore is found underground and is mined with a stone, iron, or diamond pick. It resembles stone blocks with yellow spots. You can then smelt iron ore in a furnace to obtain iron ingots.

Redstone ore is found deep underground. It resembles stone blocks with red spots—Mine Redstone ore with an iron or diamond pickaxe to get Redstone dust.

You can get gold ore available underground and mine it using an iron or diamond pickaxe. You can smelt iron ore in a furnace to get gold ingots.

Step 4

Create the parts you need. If you are building a roller coaster in survival mode, you will need to craft the following parts for your roller coaster. You can use other items, but these are the main parts.

Craft Table

Crafting most items in Minecraft requires a crafting table. It is made from 4 wooden blocks in the crafting menu.

Wooden Planks

You can use wooden planks to build the casing for your roller coaster. You don’t need a crafting table to make wooden planks.


Wands are one part needed to make the rails needed to build roller coaster tracks. It is also easy to use them to make fence posts that can be used as scaffolding.


A button is to launch your roller coaster at the loading station. Using the crafting table, you can make buttons from a single wooden plank block or a stone block. You can also use a lever.


Using the crafting table, you can craft 16 rails from 6 iron ingots and a rod. These 16 rails are essential for building your track.

Stone Pressure Plates: 

Using the crafting table, you can craft a stone pressure plate from 2 stone blocks. You can use the stone pressure plates to build detector rails [1]

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Detector Rails: 

Detector rails are tracks that detect when a Minecart is on them and activate Redstone circuits. They can activate the powered rails on the roller coaster. 6 detector rails can be made from 6 iron ingots, 1 Redstone dust, and 1 stone pressure using the crafting table [2]

Powered Rails

Powered Rails can increase the speed of your roller coaster. You can make 6 gold ingots, a rod, and a red stone using the crafting table and 6 powered rails.


Minecart is used to drive your roller coaster. It can be crafted from 5 iron bars using the crafting table.

Fence (optional). Wooden fences can make scaffolding for your roller coaster, which is purely decorative and optional.

Step 5

Build a Loading Station

The loading station is the area where your roller coaster begins. You can make it on a platform or on the ground. Follow the steps below to create the launcher.

  • Dig a ditch three blocks wide and one block deep.
  • Place the two driven rails in the trench—one at the back of the ditch and the other in the middle.
  • Place the block with the button over the ditch and to the side. The button should be reachable from inside the trench.
  • Use Redstone dirt to fix the button on the powered rails. Redstone dust can be placed under a block using a button and a powered rail.
  • Do abode the Minecart on the first powered rail.

Step 6

Build the Frame for Your Roller Coaster

Use wooden plank blocks to build a frame for your roller coaster tracks to sit on. Do this so that the frame should slide out of the loading station. Keep the rails on the wooden plank blocks. Minecraft tracks can go north, south, east, and west and make sharp 90-degree turns when you place a rail as a corner piece between two rails at right angles.

Step 7

Build Diagonal Tracks

 In addition to north, south, east, and west, you can build tracks that go in diagonal directions (i.e., southeast, northwest) by placing the tracks in a zigzag fashion. The track may look like one sharp turn after another, but when driven on it, the Minecart will travel in a smooth diagonal direction.

Step 8 

Build Speed Boosters Using Powered Rails

To assemble the speed booster, place the detector rail on the frame immediately, followed by the electrical rail. The detection rail activates the powered rail and increases the speed of your Minecart. You can place 2 power bars behind the detector bar to get a faster boost.

Speed ​​boosters require straight, level tracks to work. They do not work on inclined or diagonal tracks.

When Redstone does not have powered rails, they will slow down and stop the Minecart. Placing more than 2 powered rails behind the detector rail will slow the Minecart down.

Step 9

Build a Hill

 Minecraft tracks can go up and down a hill at a 45-degree angle. Stack your frame blocks on top of each other like a staircase, then place the rails on top of the frame. The track will form a straight 45-degree slope above the frame. Make sure your roller coaster has enough speed to get over the hill.

If your roller coaster doesn’t have enough speed to get over the top of the hill, you can add more rails to increase the speed before the hill or increase the last hill to get more momentum on the downhill. Add support to your track to make the “heavenly hills” more believable.

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Step 10

Build a Drop

To build a drop, build a raised track above the land that cuts off abruptly. Place the second rail under the raised rail, and it protrudes outward. This track catches the Minecart as it flies off the elevated track.

Step 11

Test Your Track

Remember to test your track often to see how it behaves and adjust your design as needed. Make sure it’s exciting. If you’re bored, you might not finish it. Make sure you end with a boom and make the track curved and steep, not square and shallow.

Make full use of the natural terrain. Try to launch a track into a cave, dive into a ravine or soar over a mountain, which makes the ride much more enjoyable.

Step 12

Decorate The Outside

If you’ve chosen a specific theme for the roller coaster, decorate it accordingly. A Halloween roller coaster might have jack-o-lanterns and caged skeletons along the track. The underwater roller coaster would be decorated using nautical-themed blocks such as sea lanterns and primaries.

Ensure you place enough lighting around the track so the crowds can’t get too close to the roller coaster.

Step 13

Complete the Track

Make sure the roller coaster turns around and connects to the track in the loading station. The tracks in the loading station must stop the Minecart when it reaches the loading point. Press the power button to move all again. You don’t need just one charging station. You can build multiple loading stations on your map and have a roller coaster rail system that makes it fun to get to different locations.

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