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Minon Rush

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App Name Minion Rush: Running Game
PublisherGameloft SE
Latest Versionv.8.7.2a
Mod InfoUnlimited Bananas, Tokens
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Minion Rush Mod Apk is a single-player game. The single-player and runner games have a huge fan base of millions of global players! There are over 1 billion gamers who spend their entire working day playing running games. The most famous game, Subway Surfer, opened a new horizon of wonderful games like Temple Run and Minon Rush. These beginners have now become professionals and have conquered over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Minion Rush APK

Minion Rush Apk is one of the brilliantly designed running games based on running and ranking. It is a Gameloft SE game with the same game interface and plot as the other games, Subway Surfers and Temple Run. In addition, you can get complete knowledge of minions and experience them realistically with advanced game graphics. So download Minion Rush now to get deeper into the world of Minion running.

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Minion Rush Mod

 You can also try the Mod version, developed for the same game by our hardworking team – Minion Rush Mod Apk. It is an amazing Android game that offers almost all the premium benefits without any charges, like unlimited money, an unlocked interface, and an ad-free app interface. The gameMinion Rush Mod’ can be the best choice for all enthusiastic gamers. So stop waiting and download Minion Rush Mod Apk hurriedly.

Concept and Story

Minion Rush is a single-player game based on Notorious Despicable Me’s 3D animation franchise of the most popular characters – the Minions. So get ready for an unbridled fun experience and vivid 3D cartoon-style graphic design.

Minion Rush’s story is mainly relevant to Despicable Me 2 & 3. Gru’s loyal creatures now work for the top-secret organization AVL (short for Anti-Villain League). To combat the activities of the supervillains, they must complete specific tasks, including collecting bananas or collecting stars on the moon.

Your primary mission is to run constantly without any restrictions. You will play the game by controlling a minion who escapes from his bonds and goes through a series of obstacles trying to “eat” every coin and banana on his way. Your Minion is eager to catch as numerous bananas as possible. An innocent character will face evil bosses along the way without realizing it.

You will visit various places such as Gru’s laboratory, Durakavalian, Mignon Beach, and several other areas. These places also inspire original movies. To complete tasks and collect bananas, you can get virtual currency, unlock colourful clothes for the main character, improve her skills, and activate other bonuses.

We use the collected items mainly to improve the rank and the recipe of jam – the most popular of the Minions. They turned bananas into tokens to unlock costumes and buy costume cards in the old versions. In the new arrangements, bananas increase the chance of getting unique banana pods. We will discuss this more in the Instructions section below.


There are many characters in Minion Rush, divided into three main types: The Minions, the other main characters in the movie, and the boss villains.

For your control and customization, Minions are the only characters. They can be Dave, Carl, Jerry, or Mel (a new character from the third movie). On your first visit, there will be your default character is Dave. In addition to their primary missions, the four minions can compete against each other in quick challenges. Paul is recently introduced in a specific mission video clip, but the character is not playable until now.

Players can increase their Minion’s more vital stats by purchasing different costumes. Dave is the one with the most available costumes among the four choices. Later, Carl, Jerry, and Mel’s clothes are added to the same wardrobe as Dave’s. In this section, you can purchase and unlock different costumes.

The instructional characters are Gru, the three girls, and other AVL agents, such as Lucy and Dru. Each character will give you instructions to complete specific missions in the game. They are controlled and built by developers and cannot be played or customized.

In addition to obstacles, minions can also defend bosses, just like the supervillains from the movie. Four bosses are currently available, and they are all available in Despicable Ops. Vector and El Macho are characters you may be familiar with as they have already appeared in the Despicable Me series. The other two are Meena and The Villaintriloquis – non-canon characters created by Illumination Mac Guff.

These bosses usually throw objects toward the Minions and sometimes even try to smash them. You should avoid attacks and throw objects back to defeat the bad guys. On the other hand, your Minion is dead, and the game is over.

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Your main goal is to upgrade your level in the game. You get a new title for every five upgraded ranks, including Up-and-Comer, Covert Operator, Clandestine Operative, etc. The tags also come with coins and costume cards as rewards.

As we mentioned before, you start the game by launching it with Dave. There are three lanes for running. On the lanes, you will see bananas floating on the race, waiting for you to “eat” them. So how do you eat them? Like other running games, have a character run through them.

You can swipe up to avoid hindrances, swipe down to hide, or jump to another lane. Switching between the three lanes is also easy. Lift your Minion left or right to get on the desired route.

To attack the bosses, you must equip your Minion with certain upgrades. You can change the Minion’s costumes several times during the race to defeat different bosses.

Features; Minion Rush Mod APK

Unlocked Shopping Menu

Still, you can’t do anything with unlimited money without unlocking special upgrades without improving your game. With this in mind, we have also put a fully unlocked shopping menu in Minion Rush Mod Apk.

Dive into the Minions Universe

According to the gameplay of Minion Rush, here you are needed to control the run of minions like Dave (the default character), Carl, Jerry, and Mel. And you will have to win racing challenges among all the Minions while avoiding obstacles and barriers along the way. Minion Rush is developed from the ground up to fill your mind with vast information and knowledge about the Minion Universe. Here you can undergo the above 4 minions, unlock all the other cinematic minions, and play with them for days. Download it now!

Collect Costumes and Various Power-Ups

Minions love to dress up, and here inside Minion Rush, you can dress up your character in all the perfect costumes containing different abilities. You can take on costumes like a spy in a black suit, a red and pink perfect Cupid, or a Cancan Dancer. In addition, each Minion costume has special skills, power-ups, and a stylish interface that affects the player’s mood.

So start playing with this perfect choice, Minion Rush. Elsewhere, suppose you want to experience all Minions costumes and power-ups for free. In that case, you can download Minion Rush Mod Apk as a modified version of the official game. The choice is yours, choose the best!

Download the Gameloft SE Mod

Minion Rush Mod Apk is a technologically advanced modification or recreation of Minion Rush. After going through the challenging official game where you must reach the highest score and play hundreds of hours to collect the appropriate amount of coins, we developed this Mod. It offers you premium extras like unlimited money, an unlocked shop offer, and an ad-free app interface like Subway Surfers Mod Apk.

It consists of the same adventure minions and game interface, but we have also added endless exceptional features that will amaze you. Moreover, it can be installed on almost any Android device and can offer you a fully premium experience for free. So stop waiting and download Minion Rush Mod Apk right now!

Unlimited Money to Buy All Minion Costumes

Minion Rush is an online game that works based on in-game currency. It takes hundreds of coins to unlock a single costume or power-up. And picking up a single coin or gem requires the most brutal fight in the game. But don’t worry because after installing Minion Rush Mod Apk, you can make unlimited purchases for free because we are here to provide you with infinite game money. The sounds of the game are incredible. Try it yourself and let yourself be surprised!

Hack Minion Rush; an Endless Runner

Dreadful wasn’t just a movie series or a program; it was a feeling still in our hearts for the cutest installment, Minions. We don’t know about the race and creature Minions, but we still love them and want to experience them realistically. What if I say a game designed exclusively for Minions from the running game genre? That would be extremely nice! So meet Gameloft’s exclusively designed Minion Rush!

Despicable Experience

It is an excellent Android game based on the single-player running genre, where you try to run endlessly and beat the high score in your circle and circle of friends. In addition, you can also use this game to get more into the Minion’s life and experience the whole Minion Universe. Download Minion Rush and get the Despicable experience on up to 100 megabytes of the internet!

Ad-Free for Better Entertainment

Ads are an unbearable interruption in almost every official Android game. But we work on the zero interruption principle and create Mods with a No-ad script to give you an interruption-free gaming interface. Similarly, Minion Rush Mod Apk will not disturb you while playing any of your missions or completing your purchase.

Anti-Ban Support

In addition, we also provide Anti-ban support to all Minion Rush players in this modified game. It will help you secure your account on Gameloft servers and increase your score anonymously on the Minion Rush leaderboards. Just download this game and enjoy non-stop fun!


Minion Rush Mod Apk is designed for all Minion lovers who want to experience all the costumes and upgrade accessories. It is a convenient application that works with the same game interface and offers all the above features without charging a single penny. Just click the button above to download Minion Rush Mod Apk to achieve perfect results in your leaderboard with less effort!

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