New Gold Royale Bundle

New Gold Royale Bundle 

Gold Royale Bundle is one of the most popular sections in Garena Free Fire MAX. It follows gacha mechanics and offers rewards randomly. Recent rumors suggest that the Indian server is getting a New Gold Royale bundle soon. The launch date of the upcoming bundle of the section is unknown, but fans can expect its release in the next cycle.

After the end of each cycle, the primary reward is replaced with a new one. The Glamor Fantasy Bundle is the current grand prize, which game officials removed after November 17, 2022. So the way for a new reward is clear.

Candid Casuals Bundle

Candid Casuals Bundle

If rumors had been believed, the primary reward players could see in Gold Royale would be the Candid Casuals Bundle. Suggestion for the name is as the item will feature a laid-back outfit with sunglasses, a white shirt (top), and blue-colored denim jeans (bottom).

The upcoming Gold Royal Costume Bundle will likely arrive after November 17. Still, players should wait for its official announcement. Free Fire MAX and Free Fire see new collections from time to time. However, most of them cost real money in the form of diamonds.

Gold Royale Bundle

Gold Royale Bundle

There are still some accessories that gamers could get using gold, which they had earned by grinding hard in the game. The guide below will teach readers how to earn rewards from Gold Royale. So keep it in mind carefully to earn New Gold Royale Bundle.

Firstly, Open the game on your mobile, tablet, or PC/laptop (only for Android emulator players), and secondly, Sign in using your preferred method.

If you use a guest account, link it to a companionable social media platform to earn Free Fire Rewards and save online game progress. Guest accounts typically misplace data when a title is uninstalled or a new update is installed.

Thirdly, after entering the game, you can gladly access Gold Royale through the Luck Royale menu on the left side of the lobby.

Fourth, spend Gold or Gold Royal Vouchers to claim prizes from the prize pool, available through events or other in-game missions.

The game will automatically send all winning prizes to the vault section, and you can equip or use it without any problem.

Upcoming Gold Royale Bundle in Free Fire

The Garena Free Fire is the most popular game, especially in India. And the developers are also given new items and costumes in the game.

As you all know, when Free Fire OB update came with a new gold royale bundle in the game, today we will tell what the Free Fire Gold Royale Bundle came in this OB37 update in November 2022. 

Now the Gold Royal Bundle is free, and you can get it by spinning it; you will need a Free Fire gold coin to spin it. Earlier, the Gold Royal bundle was a Lady’s bundle, and its name is Glamor Fantasy this time, the bundle coming will be a male’s bundle.

Upcoming Gold Royale Bundle in Free Fire
The photo above shows the Free Fire Gold Royale bundle, which looks great.

Free Fire Gold Royale Event

Free Fire Gold Royale Event

Garena always introduced new collectibles in-game, allowing players to explore several items instantly. Luck Royale events always remain one of the regular articles of the title. A few moments back, popular data coalminers leaked prizes of the upcoming Gold Royale event. Leaks remind that the event would feature a Candid Casual Bundle and other common prizes. Now all you need to know more about the Free Fire Gold Royale Event and its prizes.

Free Fire MAX Gold Royale Event

Garena developers continuously crop up with new luck-based events, allowing players to try out new items. Popular Data Miner Knight Clown has distributed the Candid Casuals Bundle. Yet, leaks have shown its features so far. Gamers should understand the bundle needs to be confirmed to open.

Apart from the featured bundle, gamers can obtain several standard rewards such as vouchers, Armor Crate, Leg Packets, Scan, Airdrop, Bone fire, Resupply Map, Supply Crate, and many others. They should spend diamonds to take a spin. Also, each spin would cost them many tokens. 

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How can you contribute to the Gold Royale Event?

Launch the game on your device.

Press the luck Royale section, which is on the left side of the screen.

Now Search for all events like Moco, Gold royale, diamond royale, and Faded Wheel Event.

Select the event you desire and participate in any of the events to compete in.

So, above is the complete procedure for the Gold Royale event and its rewards. Now you know when this bundle came into the game. We hope that you will like our helpful guide.


Which bundle is the best gold Royale?

 Below is the list of Gold Royale Bundles, which are the most in demand for players.

Garena Free Fire’s best 5 Gold Royale bundles

  • Blue Silk Royalty Bundle
  • Modern Mafia Bundle
  • Imperial Corps Bundle
  • Dunk Master
  • Breakdancer Bundle    

What bundle will be in the next gold royale in Free Fire?

The next OB34 gold royal was launched in the Free Fire on May 26, 2022. It remained for 70 days and was refreshed in the next OB update. 

How many bundles are present in Free Fire?

Free Fire x BTS Bundles:

Check out all the accessible bundles through teamwork. So, there will be a minimum of four to five bundles.

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