Pocket FM Mod APK Download v5.7.8 (VIP Unlocked, Unlimited coins)

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App Name Pocket FM: Audiobook & Podcast
PublisherPocket FM
GenreMusic & Audio
Size25 MB
Latest Versionv5.7.8
Mod InfoVIP Unlocked, Unlimited coins
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Music apps are very popular and trendy. They are used by many people who love to listen to songs and are passionate about music. There are many world-famous music apps available on the internet. You can find hundreds of music apps, but very few cover a wide range of content.

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Pocket FM Mod Apk Free Version

Pocket FM Mod Apk is a great music app with all the content you would expect from a music app and even provides better features. The app has also already crossed millions of downloads and is on its way to creating and setting new records. Pocket FM Mod Apk reviews are also quite positive and great. You can get a free version of Pocket FM Mod Apk very easily from the internet, but if you want the full premium version, you can buy it because it is not free.

Pocket FM App

Pocket FM Mod Apk has very prominent and unique features, which are very fantastic. Its interface is very simple, and it is a fully optimized application. You can learn about its great features by reading the full article below.

What is Pocket FM APK?

Pocket FM Apk has a large range of music, songs, audiobooks, radios, and many more. You will find many content options in this app and a lot of space to explore different things. There are also many English courses, such as spoken English courses, that you can choose in this app to improve your language skills. So the app not only provides entertainment but also provides you with knowledge and information. This app can also access audiobooks if you can’t read books. This feature is unique and very rarely found in a music app. There are no lag issues, and the app runs very smoothly.

What is Pocket FM Mod APK?

Pocket FM Mod Apk provides many amazing benefits that can benefit you and make your experience using the app amazing. You have the free premium version and don’t have to spend any charges. You have access to VIP content, and you can also access the app without having any membership. There are also zero ads in this app, which means you can use the app freely without worrying about ad engagement.



Radio is a unique feature of the Pocket FM app as it allows users to listen to different radio channels. All you have to do is turn on the radio of this application, and it will automatically tune in to every channel available in your region, so you don’t need any effort. This app provides 24/7 radio services, so you can listen whenever you want without any limitations.

Play Music

Pocket FM app has different genres of music that you can play in this app, which means when you have this app, you don’t need another app to play music. This application meets all the requirements of its users. That’s why people are happy and fully satisfied with this app. It has relaxing music you can listen to before bed to get a good night’s sleep. The good point is that every update adds more music to this app.

English Courses

This feature is best for people who want to learn English. Pocket FM has this unique feature, and you can learn this language. This feature is for you if you belong to another country and want to speak English. This app has different English-speaking courses that you can listen to and learn about this language. Simple and easy courses have been created by Pocket FM developers.

Pocket FM Stories

The best thing about Pocket FM is that there are so many awesome features for its users. If you like listening to different stories, you don’t have to go to anyone because this app has this unique feature where you can listen to multiple stories like horror, romance, thriller, mystery, love, crime, and many more. This app has more than 11000 thousand stories that you can listen to. The best thing is that this app has different languages, so if you don’t understand any language, don’t worry because you can change it to any language you want.


A podcast is another great feature of the pocket FM because, in this feature, you can also share your voice with the world by creating your podcasts. Just record your voice in high quality and then share it with your account on this amazing platform. In this app, you will see many different voice artists that you can listen to with just one tap. You can play motivational podcasts from different people where you will hear about their success stories. The Pocket FM app also provides this feature where you can share your thoughts in the comment section with other people.


This app has an audiobook feature that will help you with various features. You can use this audiobook to save audio and play previous ones you’ve saved for later.

Different Languages

There are different languages ​​in this application that you can use for your purposes. If you don’t understand English or your audience speaks another language, you can pick one and use it.

Mod Properties

Blocked Ads

All ads are fully blocked, and there is no chance of them coming.

VIP Content

You can view all VIP content without worrying about paying any fees.

App Unlocked

The Mod version unlocks the full version of the application.

Pocket FM VIP Membership Free

The standard version of pocket FM has a membership you need to purchase to get full access to this app; otherwise, you won’t be able to use this app properly. But you don’t need anything in the mod version because the mod version is without membership. You can save money because you get the pocket FM app for free and use all the features without membership. So if you want this app without membership, get it in the mod version.

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Pocket FM Mod Apk Download

Click on the given above link of this article to download the Pocket FM Mod Apk.


Pocket FM Mod Apk is a powerful and amazing app with many attractive features that will impress everyone. You can find almost everything you care about in this app, from songs to audiobooks and radio. Everything is available in this very compact and portable app, which also gives you access to choose your preferred language. There is no harm in checking and downloading this app. So don’t forget to try this app and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Is the app Pocket FM safe to download?

 Yes, Pocket FM is a safe and secure app.

Q. Can I download the Pocket FM app on my Android tablet?

 You can download the app ‘Pocket FM’ on your Android tablet.

Q. How to use Pocket FM Mod APK?

Pocket FM Mod Apk is used to play songs, music, and many other things like audiobooks and English courses.

Q. How can I use the Pocket FM app for free?

You can download the mod version of Pocket FM Mod Apk and use it for free.

Q. Is the app ‘Pocket FM’ an Indian app?

Yes, Pocket FM Mod Apk is an Indian app.

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