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Pubg Mobile has announced a new date for the release of another x suit, a new suit named Silvanus X Suit. Pubg Mobile has announced this new suit will be released on their 4th anniversary, the x suit has ten plus mythic, and I will be showing you all this in this post.

Pubg mobile announces the new 4th x suit in the pubg mobile 1.9 update, which marks the company’s 4th anniversary. There will be an X suit coming in the 1.9 updates, and it is going to be Op because the X suit outfits are more beautiful than last time. This level 1 X suit is more impressive than the Avalanche X-Suit. That last suit was basically like a simple mythic outfit, but the first X suit, Pharaoh, made an even bigger impression on me, so I’m hoping to see it return soon. It’d be great if it comes back, and the blood raven X suit was also excellent. The Blood Raven X Suit entry emote and lobby animation were better than Avalanche X Suit. Why am I talking about Avalanche X Suit? Because I was scammed by X suit while opening the crates. I was almost spending $50k on the X suit. I was able to redeem the X suit with coins at the end.

The release date for Silvanus X?

I have been told Silvanus X suits will arrive in Royal Pass M9 at the end of the 3rd week. It is expected to be released on 15-4-2022 around 7 am Pakistan Time.






April 15, 2022




≈ 100K UC/ 1500Silver


Forest & Deforestation



The Basic Appearance:

The X-SUIT is a rare outfit that can be found in both BGMI and PUBG Mobile. You can only obtain it during their events. Once that event has ended, you will not be able to get it in any other way. The X-Suit in BGMI and PUBG Mobile comes with a maximum level of 6, also known as six stars, and with each group, there will be a new item available in the game.

Teammate Interaction:

Several pictures have been released that reveal the new Silvanus X-Suit looks fantastic. Two suit styles are available for purchase, and the suit can be acquired when you interact with a teammate at level 2 of the game. The Silvanus X-Suit level 2 provides you with the ability to do emotes with your teammates. Some people feel that the cost of this Silvanus X-Suit is relatively high and that it’s not accessible without a lot of effort.

Advanced Form:

Compared to previous X-Suits in BGMI and PUBG, Silvanus X-Suit level 3 is one of the best forms of X-Suits. According to the update posted last night, the SKIN will be live on March 25th. There is even more good news for you super fans out there, as any time between now and April 24th, you will have a RANDOM chance to gain access to an advanced form of Avalanche X-SUIT Level 3 armor if you log in.

Victory Broadcast:

In the new Silvanus X suit, the kill message animation is one of the best in the game, and it has become an internet sensation because of its great style and design, thanks to BGMI and PUBG Mobile. This is the newest update that has not been released yet, and they have also leaked a few Silvanus X-suit level 4 information.

Shock & Awe:

There is something unique about this X-Suit if you upgrade it to level 4 because it has an animation called Shock and Awe that makes it stand out from the rest. In the lobby, the character looks incredible because of the emerald green color and the dragon that surrounds it.

Final Form:

The final form is just excellent, it seems like the character is the king of the forest, and he is angry with the cutting of forest and trees. It looks fantastic with a crown, face cover, and fully upgraded suit with a unique shock and awe animation.


In Silvanus X-suit there are only two Emotes.\


Do you need UC to buy a SILVANUS X-SUIT suit?

The suit is available as a reward only during the BGMI Return of the SILVANUS X-SUIT. To try and win the suit or any other prizes, players spend at least 100k UC.

How many X suits are there in Pubg?

There are 4 X suits in the game. If you possess one of them, you are already a hero among your friends and enemies alike. Due to some unique qualities and features of the X-suits, they are among the most requested outfits in Pubg mobile. This suit has the advantage of having attractive looks, and secondly, it is upgradable.

What is the best way to upgrade my X suit?

There is a constant alternation of suit upgrades and other goodies such as teammate interactions, victory broadcasts, and entry emote. You need to use Starforges Stones and Star Fragments to upgrade your suit.  

Do you know how to unlock the X-suit?

It is possible to obtain the SILVANUS X-suit through Pubg Mobile and BGMI. The player has to try the SILVANUS spin to unlock this suit using silver fragments and Unified Cores. Yes, silver fragments. You have five chances to spin the wheel with silvers to win the prizes.

The conclusion is:

There is a high chance that the updated Silvanus X-suit will be released for PUBG mobile and BGMI around March 28th, 2022. However, I would like to know when it will be released? As we have learned from the latest information we have been given, the upgraded Silvanus X-suit will have six levels. The exact date this will happen with certainty is unknown, but the time frame we are given is a reasonable estimate based on previous suit releases. Please keep in mind that some of these timescales are subject to change, so I’ll be posting more updates as they become available. 

Thanks for reading, and have a pleasant day!

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