PUBG Mobile Character List (2022)

The new PUBG Mobile Character List in PUBG mobile has been added, and the series has also been updated. The players can become more robust than they ever have by having different abilities for each character.

Players can choose one of the 5 brand-new Pubg characters that have been added recently. It is imperative to note that some special characters require UC or character vouchers, whereas others require real-world cash. Keep reading to find out more about the top features of PUBG Mobile.

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How many characters are in pubg mobile:

PUBG Mobile Character List 2022:







PUBG Mobile Character List. As the first unique character available in the game, Victor, was also the first one users were invited to use. It should be noted that he is the only memorable character in the game that is free for everyone to use.

After Victor reaches Level 9, he can reduce the reloading time of his SMG guns by up to 10%. Having that ability makes Victor an advantageous character as he levels up.

The Easy Way to Get Victor:

Choose a Pubg character and click on the tab emphasizing the workshop to get victor. When you do this, you will be able to see Victor on your device’s screen, complete with his skills, weapon, emotions, clothes, and voice.


If you enjoy clambering around the battlefield and avoid taking vast amounts of fall damage, you’ll want to add Carlo to your collection. Getting a high-ground advantage over your opponents is always beneficial for any PUBG Mobile player, but getting down from your vantage point can sometimes prove problematic.

While Carlo will still take damage from falling from a significant height, his ability will reduce it significantly. This will enable you to pounce on your opponents quickly to deliver a quick surprise attack.

How to unlock Carlo:

There is an easy way to get the Carlo character.

Carlo can be obtained by spending 1200UC or character vouchers.

To make this happen, follow these steps:

You can visit the Events Department if you are interested in checking out the upcoming event’s missions. 

Here, you can compete in various missions and win free prizes.

It is imperative that once you have collected the necessary amount of letter vouchers, you visit Carlo’s workshop to click on the Bob character, and he will assist you in the next step.

After you have unlocked the Carlo character, you should click on the unlock option to get the Carlo.


Andy is the best character in PUBG Mobile has added Andy’s character to its list of special characters as the latest addition. The character has a special ability that enables him to increase the speed at which he can draw his gun and put it away. Upon full upgrading, you can get a maximum increase of 16 % in the speed of storing and drawing guns.

How to unlock Andy:

To unlock Andy, you will need to purchase 1200 UC or the character vouchers from 1200 UC. You may also unlock it by participating in the Andy Character Unveiling event that is free to enter.


There is a unique female character named Sara in the popular PUBG mobile game. Sara is the best unique character in PUBG Mobile. The main feature of Sara’s character is that it can extend the lifespan of vehicles on the battlefield. This unique character can increase vehicle durability to a maximum of 10% when upgraded to its maximum level. 

The Easy Way to Get Sara:

To obtain the PUBG characters, Sara, you have to spend 600UC. Alternatively, you can obtain the character by using 600 different character vouchers available for free.


The mobile game PUBG has a special female character named Anna. Anna is a new character in pubg mobile. PUBG Mobile is reiterating its commitment to unlocking a brand-new player, Anna, in the game. This is before it is too late. The introduction of the brand-new pubg character Anna to the game took place on November 30, 2021, and the pubg character has been working ever since. Moreover, what was even more attractive to the players was that there was no need to pay any fees for the players to get their pubg characters. PUBG Mobile’s developer, Krafton, is offering players the chance to pick up the exclusive Anna pubg Character for free as part of the game’s launch. An individual playing or gaming on the site must sign in to the site and complete the missions to unlock the pubg character.

The Easy Way to Get ANNA:

To obtain the PUBG character, Sara, you have to spend 600UC. Alternatively, you can obtain the character by using 600 different character vouchers available for free.


What type of character would be the most suitable for PUBG?

Here we will look at the most compelling characters in PUBG Mobile that you should use.

Victor is the original unique character from PUBG Mobile.

The only special female character in the series is Sara.

The king of fall damage reduction is Carlo.

The is Andy, the game’s version of QuickDraw McGraw.

Who is the most popular character in the game PUBG?

There is no doubt that VICTOR is the most well-known character in the game. Besides his fantastic hairstyle and fashion sense, he has a unique personality. There is one special ability that Victor has, which is to reduce the fallout by 24% as the level of the fallout rises to level nine.

What is the importance of character in PUBG?

Many players ignore the appearance of characters and outfits when playing PUBG. You can achieve a slight competitive advantage if you narrow down your search.

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