Pure Tuber VIP APK Download Latest (Unlocked Mod)

Pure Tuber VIP APK, will you watch those YouTube video ads for as long as possible just because you can’t afford a subscription when there are so many free and better alternatives? Pure Tuber is a worthy YouTube alternative with a lot of cool features.

Is it possible that you’re overlooking a much better alternative to Advanced that offers features like up to 4K resolution and unbeatable service? This is about the Pure Tuber VIP APK, a great YouTube option you’ll always be satisfied with. We have a solution to overcome these inconveniences, so do not worry.

We are talking about third-party applications that utilize YouTube’s database. Using API from Google, they can search for any YouTube video and then play it without ads. In addition, the missing features we mentioned above have also been included. Pure Tuber is a well-known brand in this area. Please read about it in this article. 

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What is Pure Tuber VIP APK?

The best YouTube PureTuber alternative for Android devices is Pure Tuber VIP APK. With the app, users have access to premium features similar to YouTube Vanced. The app also has a few excellent additions that make it a YouTube competitor. The platform has no ads or background playback and supports high-quality downloads up to 4K. It also lets you play downloaded content with external media players. If you’re looking for YouTube Premium features, you’re right.

The video resolution can be changed from 144p to 8K, depending on your hardware and internet speed. You can bookmark your favorites whenever possible, so you don’t lose progress.


Round, so you don’t have to change anything

Video plays here don’t have ads.

You can use other apps while the video is playing.

Direct Video can be downloaded here, and it uses very little data.

The video quality can be adjusted as you like.

Download Pure Tuber VIP APK for Android

Free Downloads

One problem that annoys viewers the most is the presence of advertisements. There is no particular way of dealing with this problem. I assure you that Pure Tuber will take care of all your worries. That situation will not happen again.

Our users can watch any video without being exposed to any ads. You can deliver the best functionality and delight your audience. Since the launch of Pure Tuber a short time ago, millions of users have chosen to use it.

Pure Tuber is an application that can block all ads within a given website. It is highly rated by users and is not too difficult to use. Many tools are included in Pure Tuber, and every feature can also be found in Pure Tuber. We support you in all control operations faster and more efficiently.

YouTube Vanced is indeed a perfect alternative to YouTube. The only thing that makes Pure Tuber VIP better than the Vanced option is that it allows you to download and store all videos on the platform on your phone. In contrast to other YouTube services that allow you only to save videos to the venue itself, Pure Tuber VIP will enable you to download videos to your preferred storage location, including an external microSD card like SnapTube VIP.

High-Quality Downloads

When you come across a low-quality video, you may find that you are uncomfortable because you cannot fully enjoy the unique content of the Video. The default setting of this tool plays videos at a low resolution of 360p. However, it is possible to change it by going to the Gallery, selecting the Settings option, selecting Video & audio, and setting a new quality for the Video to play. You should make sure you turn on the 2K/4K video playback features of your device to see better quality videos’ You will enjoy watching your favorite videos better when you change the video quality so you don’t have to worry about lag.

Ultra HD Player

The videos available on our site are available in Full HD, Ultra HD, and even 8K. Your video resolution can range from 144p to 8K, depending on the strength of your Internet connection and the maximum resolution that your device can support.

You can find out your internet speed by going to and finding your resolution by choosing settings > display > solution. There is a way to avoid these issues, you only need to set it up in auto mode to choose the best quality for you automatically.

Floating Player

It is possible to watch videos and listen to music on your phone while using other apps in the background. You will be able to multitask effectively and keep up with all the other things that need to be done.

Trending Videos

Take a look at the top trending videos in the trending section. The search results can also be filtered by genre, country, language, and criteria.

External Player Support

You can drastically improve your device’s performance by removing annoying ads because you will have a lot more free time when watching videos or accessing apps and your device will work much better. If you do not watch promotional videos, then these promotional videos will not be cached on the device, thereby freeing up the device’s memory for other purposes. The background ads will also help you save battery by protecting device data.

If you have installed Pure Tuber VIP, you can watch content without logging into your Google account. Download the app and start watching straight away. For this reason, you would be required to sign in to access things such as your subscriptions like, videos and playlists.

Support Play Background Videos

As a result of eliminating irritating ads, you will save a lot of time watching videos or downloading applications, but you will also benefit from the device’s strong performance. As you do not watch promotional videos, the device’s memory won’t be used up by caching the promotional videos, increasing its available storage. You may also benefit from saving battery life and reducing device data usage.

Log In To Storage

 Please sign in to your account. If you do this, it will allow you to save all your video-watching processes on the app. This makes it much simpler to go back to watch old videos on your computer. The videos will still be visible even if you switch to another device.

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Select Advertising In Web Browsers

You will likely encounter annoying and confusing advertisements and less subtle 18+ ads when visiting any website. The problem is irritating but also affects how well the device’s battery performs. It is worth noting that Pure Tuber will block and remove all unnecessary ads in browsers, one of its capabilities being the ability to block pop-ups.

Block Video Ads without buying premium

Pure Tuber – No Adverts Tube and Free Advanced, as noted above, do not display ads when playing YouTube videos. Since the algorithm of this program is so robust, over 99.98 percent of the clips are played without interruption. The program also eliminates pop-up advertisements. There’s no need to worry about snagging these commercials, which are more annoying than video ads.


Pure Tuber application – No Ads Tube and Free Advanced was released for free with an in-network payment of $ 10.99, and users rated it 4.8 out of 5.0 so far. I’m happy to let you know you can now download the latest VIP version of Apkmaza’s unique startup without any restrictions.

Final Words

With Pure Tuber VIP APK, you can experience the full potential of YouTube Vanced, an excellent alternative for the people and the people. It might answer all the problems YouTube users have complained about for years. Get Pure Tuber VIP today and enjoy all the best features.

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