Top 14 Best Spotify Music Visualizers

Top 14 Best Music Spotify Visualizer is a type of program or application that uses your computer screen, a phone, or tablet to allow you to display shapes and colors in response to music. These images are usually created based on the frequency of helpful information or waveforms to create an attractive and customized design.

There are many kinds of music streaming services today, but Spotify is one of the most popular. Unfortunately, the Spotify app doesn’t have a view music tool. Still, several other devices get synchronize with Spotify and offer this kind of information. These other viewers of music apps also can set these videos and music pictures as wallpapers.

Online Spotify Visualizers

Kaleidosync Spotify Visualizer

Kaleidosync syncs your Spotify account with a web service that creates images based on sound. It will be necessary for you to access the Kaleidosync website to use it. Sign in with your Spotify credentials first. If you have Spotify installed on your computer, please open it at the same time. If you do not have Spotify installed, please log in using the Spotify web player.

You will see the images on the screen as soon as you play the musical piece you have chosen and then go back to the Kaleidosync page and refresh it. The top of the screen displays a menu to adjust what type of images you are interested in seeing. You can set what kind of display to have and other details, like the name of the song, artist, or album playing at the moment.

Visualizer by Wavesync

It’s a web-based service that allows you to view the visual representation of audio waves in a Spotify playlist through your web browser. You will be required to click the Spotify Connect logo and log in to your Spotify account with your username and password. You will be able to connect to Spotify simultaneously. There are a variety of themes available for the image display. Still, it is essential to remember that every creation will be unique based on your chosen music.

You are granting Wavesync access to your information when you log into the Wavesync application and allow it to synchronize with the Spotify application.

Tessellator Spotify Visualizer

By using Tessellator Spotify Visualizer, you can also see on your computer images created by sound. To use the Tessellator Spotify Visualizer, go to their website, log in with your Spotify account, open Spotify, and begin playing the song. However, there is a significant difference with the Tessellator. It can display images in 3D objects, such as pyramids and surfaces, which creates a pretty unique aesthetic result. It would be best if you tried this out. You also permit it to access specific details about your Spotify account. In the future, you can remove this permission as well.

DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify (Mac)

The DiscoBrick is a Chrome Extension that displays a DiscoBrick for each song currently playing on Spotify within a page. While DiscoBrick is still under development, the DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify has been released to demonstrate some of the features of DiscoBrick and its potential. For example, DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify allows you to see DiscoBrick’s Disco Mode and Disco Party with several DiscoBricks moving simultaneously on the screen. If you want to download DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify from the Chrome Web Store, you must have an account on Chrome Web Store. Below are the steps you need to follow to install DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify:

  • Open Chrome Web Store in your Google Chrome browser.
  • Search for DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify in the search bar at the top of your browser.
  • Click ADD TO CHROME (located next to DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify). You will then be able to add DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify to the list of extensions you have.
  • Click the DiscoBrick icon found on the Chrome toolbar after adding DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify to your extensions list.
  • Once configured, the DiscoBrick Visualizer for Spotify program can be used to customize various settings. Then, start the Disco Party mode by clicking the Disco Party button in the DiscoBrick menu.

Music Storm

Music Storm is a Google extension that allows you to create the visualization of your music tabs. You can generate your music visualization on Google Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, etc. To get started, you’ll need to go to the extension’s page on your Chrome browser, search for Music Storm, click the “Add to Chrome” button, and install the extension. Then go to your toolbar and click on the extensions option, then pin the Music Storm extension. Once the extension has been launched, each time you open Spotify web, you will be able to visualize and enjoy your favorite music through the extension.

Furthermore, you’ll get visuals that correspond to whatever music you’re listening to! It can be compared to having a projector or TV with music visualizers on it! Music Storm is a fantastic way to keep the music playing immediately without having to get up and open Spotify every time you want to listen to it. You can launch Music Storm by going to your Music collection, either on your device or Spotify itself. You can select a song from your music collection, and Music Storm will let you know what it is playing. Music Storm’s Music visualizations look amazing, especially when viewed through a TV or Projector (and Music Storm can scale itself to fit any screen size).

It is so simple to set up that even a novice can do it. All you need to do is follow the above instructions and enjoy Music Storm!

Spotify Visualizer For Desktop

Synesthesia Music Visualizer

Among the top three is Synthesia. Despite being free to download, certain features must be purchased to gain access. If you desire, you can choose the source of the music and have it visualized within Spotify. These shaders are morphed based on audio information.

With the 50+ built-in scenes included in this software, it is hard to find yourself bored off quickly. In addition, the software is based on advanced algorithms; it can automatically translate musical content into visual graphics as it is.

Additionally, it’s cool that users can upload their images into any scene they choose. Moreover, each of the scenes has a unique feature that allows it to manipulate images uniquely.

VSXu Music Visualizer

VSXu’s Music Visualizer lets you view and listen to music from all kinds of music apps, including Spotify. It is an application that can create beautiful dynamic landscapes by using the background’s sound. You can add several details on a high note to enhance the enjoyment of the music. Additionally, VSXu has built-in color themes that allow you to choose anything from a pastel landscape to a raging stormy sea so that there is something for everyone. All of these beautiful visualization designs are likely to be able to satisfy users. It allows you to play any player’s music, including microphones, along with your collection. VSXu is a free and cross-platform open-source virtualization software. VSXu can be used on various operating systems, including GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows XP/Vista/7.

Kauna Spotify Visualizer

Kauna is a music visualizer on Spotify, which also allows you to record audio through a microphone. This program can visualize any sound that the user puts into it. The Kauna particle system analyzes a playlist coming in from the user and uses it to synchronize a particle system with some unique features. The user interface of Kauna is an excellent imitation of Korg’s Kaoss Pads, just as it is in Kauna’s sister app, Kauna PRO. The new Kauna algorithm uses 3D space and simulates fragments in 3D space, deforming the particles and modifying them under the influence of simulated forces such as gravity and magnetism. For the fantastic Shimmer feature, Kauna also makes use of Spotify’s visualization plugins. The Korg Kaos effects are controlled through the interface of Kauna, which can be turned on or off.

Lano Audio Spotify Visualizer

Audio has recently released a new way to visualize your music on Spotify through its Lano Visualizer App. visualizer is a free app for Windows desktops and is available for download. audio Spotify visualization does more than just provide music visuals and it provides an interactive user interface that allows users to control the Lano visualizer in real-time. Audio has stated that this was one of their key reasons for creating the Lano Audio visualizer because they wanted to deliver a music visualization app that looked good and was also interactive.

Lano Visualizer is intuitive and easy to navigate through. The Lano Audio Spotify Visualizer can be used with Spotify, Youtube, and many more services. Lano Audio builds music visualization apps that are easy to use. Lano Audio has stated that they will continue to update the Lano video visualizer with new features in the future. Visualizer is currently available for Windows desktops users.

Windows Media Player

Windows media player is a built-in default media player for windows that can also visualize music on Spotify. So you can visualize your favorite songs as you listen to them with this application.The only thing you have to do is while playing music, right-click inside the media player and choose “Visualizations” you will see a list of the patterns that are available for selection. From that list, you are free to choose the pattern you like the most.

Android Music Visualizers


The Spectrum Music Visualizer is an application that you can download for your phone. It shows psychedelic images based on the music and plays them on the screen. You can open the Spectrum app once downloaded, and then you can place it in your Spotify application to play music or sound. Spectrum will display the generated images once you return to it. You can also set the image as a lock screen.

The program has a free version and a paid version, which offers more viewing options and does not show advertising on the images or watermarks with the program’s name on them. There is no doubt that this last fact is relevant, especially when we consider that one of Spectrum’s strengths is its ability to record. There is an option within the application to make videos with the sound and images playing as well. Then, you can share them with other people.

AudioVision Music Player

There are multiple reasons why AudioVision Music Player is one of the best Music Visualizers available on mobile devices. It is a powerful tool for visualizing music, and it is a perfect match for Spotify. It has been over a year since AudioVision Music Player develop. and its features have always pushed the boundaries of what audio quality can be. AudioVision Music Player can play all media formats up to 32-bit 192 kHz files, even DSD128 files, without converting or transcoding them.

AV Music Player also optimizes memory usage. As a result, your Music Player’s battery life will last longer than other music players as it will use less memory.The AudioVision Music Player is compatible with DTS Connect if you have a compatible receiver or a device to output the sound through an HDMI cable. AudioVision Music Player offers three different themes, dark, light, and black (black is essentially a theme with inverted colors corresponding to dark background)

The AudioVision Music Player also supports gapless playback when AudioEngine does not support it (e.g., MOOG Audio, AudioGate). AudioVision Music Player includes a ten band parametric equalizer with full graphical equalizer functionality, which you can control with your touch screen or by pressing the volume keys on the device.

Besides the Audio Vision Music Player, AudioVision Music Player also has an Audio Visualization feature – AudioVision Surround (Audio Vision Surround creates a virtual surround sound experience using standard headphones by using your device’s 3D gaming API). Android devices running version 2.3 and up are compatible with AudioVision Music Player, which includes both smartphones and tablets. As well as supporting internal and USB DACs, AudioVision Music Player also supports several other audio devices, such as AirPlay devices, Bluetooth audio devices, and Ubuntu audio devices.

Stella Music Visualizer

There are many ways to listen to music, but Stella is a refined Spotify music player with a minimalistic interface. Stella aims to be the perfect companion to your everyday music listening experience by playing pretty much any audio file you can find. Stella also does all the work of searching and managing your library for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything except pressing play, stop, and back. This application develops by Stellare Design AB. The Stella music player was first released for iOS, but it is also available for Android devices.

As part of Stella’s advanced full-screen 2D graphics engine, a visualizer display in real-time according to the audio input signal. It is optional to react to user input like skipping tracks, altering volume, and more. The interface of Stella design to be easy-to-use and minimalist, allowing it to be highly efficient and transparent.

Stella Music Player for Android features:

  • The advanced full-screen 2D graphics engine.
  • Supports most audio formats like mp3, mp4, m4a, Ogg, and aac.
  • Equalizer with presets.
  • Crossfade effect.
  • Customizable graphics effects like color cycling and reactive mode.
  • Visualization, which reacts to input from the Android device or Stella’s play/pause buttons on OS X and Windows.
  • home screen widgets for music controls.

  AIMP For Android

The AIMP Spotify Music Visualizer Android is a bot that makes the application and Android devices play music and allows users to view visualizations. The AIMP Spotify Music Visualizer Android provides rich features: Browse AIMP’s library of music and popular albums and artists. visualizations for everyone to enjoy, regardless of musical preference.

A wide range of unique AIMP visualization modes is available that optimize for music genres, including Rock AIMP Visualization. AIMP provides advanced features to view the AIMP visualization on mobile devices. AIMP Visualization is designed to play AIMP music and AIMP visualization at the same time. An AIMP visualization fits any mood or activity: Relaxing, entertaining, and even for studying! Watch the AIMP Visualization on your phone screen while listening to music on your phone.

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