Twitter Verification: How to Get Verified on Twitter (2023)

The demand for verification on Twitter has been increasing over the years. Anyone with a Twitter account can apply for it, and based on your profile, you are either verified or not. This guide will help you learn how to get verified on Twitter.

First, why do you need Twitter Verification?

A Twitter account can be verified for several reasons. The main reason is to make it easier for followers and fans to identify you as the real person and the account as yours. It increases authenticity and builds your brand.

A verified Twitter Account:

  • Appear first in the search results and has a blue checkmark next to the name.
  • It helps prevent impersonation and protects your account from unauthorized use.
  • It helps promote your tweets and gain the trust of new people.
  • increases the chances of being followe by influential personalities as they are likely to follow verified accounts as well.
  • You can connect to more people and build a strong network on Twitter. One example of this is the ability to follow verified accounts.
  • Finally, it helps when you apply for a job. Your employer will look at your Twitter Profile, and an unverified account might be a potential red flag.

How Do You Get Verified on Twitter?

Twitter has several requirements for its accounts to be verified. Not everyone can get verified on Twitter, but there are reasons you might fail during the verification process.

First up, the Twitter account associate with your application must be registere to the full name of the person, organization, or company you are affiliate to. Any other variation in how your account is registere might work against you. The second requirement is that the email address associated with this account must be valid and not closed. Twitter also requires an exact mobile phone number to send a 6-digit verification code via SMS. It is essential to have this phone number because it will be use later to authorize your application.

We understand that it might be difficult for users living in places where the SMS service is not available or if they do not own a mobile phone. Twitter offers another option where Twitter will send you an email with the 6-digit code. However, this is only available for users living in certain regions as determined by Twitter.

The final requirement is that your Twitter account needs to be older than at least one month old. Twitter requires this time for new accounts to develop a follower base for authenticity. Twitter also checks if the version is older than one month to check that you are not creating or retaking control of an existing account.

If all these requirements are met, Twitter will require you to provide additional details about your profile, website, photo of yourself holding a sign with your Twitter handle on it, and a short bio. Twitter suggests keeping your Twitter bio short and to the point, so it can be summarize in less than 250 characters.

Twitter verification process.

Now that you have followed the Twitter verification process, Twitter will review your application and send you a notification on Twitter if they are going to verify or deny your Twitter account.

If Twitter decides to verify your profile, Twitter will add a blue checkmark next to your Twitter handle. Twitter does not allow you to submit a second request until it is denied, denied, and then approved or when Twitter removes the verification from your Twitter account.

In order for Twitter to verify your account, there are some specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. It would help if you also made sure that Twitter is the primary purpose of your Twitter account. Twitter does not permit businesses to use Twitter solely as a customer service platform. Companies are not allow to have personal Twitter accounts closely tied with their business Twitter account. These are consider different accounts, and Twitter will deny both applications if you only have one Twitter profile for your business.

If you want Twitter to verify your Twitter account, you must provide Twitter with a phone number that Twitter can use for verification purposes. Make sure the phone number you provide is real and active. It’s worth noting that Twitter does not allow users to submit a second request until it’s denied, denied, and then approved or when Twitter removes the verification from your Twitter account. Twitter will only give the Twitter verification process one chance.

We are verifying your Twitter handle.

If Twitter declines or fails to verify your Twitter account, there are several things you can do to improve your chances of Twitter proving your Twitter handle. Make sure that all your social media profiles on Twitter include a full name.

Twitter suggests using the same full name across all shapes, and profiles might be linked together. Twitter also offers including your location in your Twitter handle or Twitter bio. This will make it easier for Twitter to verify you because Twitter can use the information you have provided to check if it matches their records.

If Twitter decides that they will not verify your Twitter account, there is nothing you can do except create a new Twitter account. Twitter is not going to change their mind about it. If Twitter decides that your Twitter account does not meet Twitter’s requirements for Twitter verification, then there are very few chances that.

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