Uses of Copper in Minecraft

Uses of copper in Minecraft

Uses of copper in Minecraft, Minecraft is a game with a limitless sandbox world. The game adds tons of ores and other resources to make exploring the different iterations of these dynamically generated worlds fun. These resources give players a purpose and can be mined from the ground to craft weapons, tools, armor, and other items such as building blocks. Copper is one such resource and is one of the latest metals to be added to Minecraft.

Uses of copper in Minecraft. Copper was added in Minecraft 1.17, also seen as the Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update. When Minecraft 1.16 came out in 2020, it was the newest Ore added to Minecraft since Nether Gold Ore. Copper ran through some variations when Minecraft 1.18 was released.

There are many uses of copper in Minecraft aspects to the colorful new resource. Still, one exciting thing experienced players will love is that Minecraft Copper turns green over time when naturally exposed to the elements, making it a unique building material. But with more uses than just building, how do you consume copper, how it works, and where can you locate it?

The following article consists of everything you want to see about the sparkly resource Minecraft Copper, including how you use it, how to make a copper lightning rod, and more.

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How to use copper in Minecraft? OR What is copper used for in Minecraft?

Copper in Minecraft is used for construction, crafting, and much more.

5 Best Ways of Using Copper

Copper Ingots

Copper ingots are the first product obtained after melting copper ore in a furnace. All copper items and blocks are made from copper ore since they cannot be made. Ingots can be used to craft spyglasses, lightning rods, blocks, and various weapons and armor.

Copper Blocks

Copper blocks can be made using copper ingots. The recipe contains nine copper ingots, one in each slot of the crafting table. Copper blocks are mainly used for building copper-based structures. These blocks can also be used with a stone cutter to make some alternative blocks comprising cut copper blocks, slabs, and steps.

Construction and Decoration

Smelting a unit of raw Copper or copper metal gives you a copper ingot and merging nine copper ingots gives you a copper block. You can place or stack copper blocks to build walls, ceilings, floors, etc.

You will get four cut copper blocks if you place four squarely on your crafting table. These can be placed like regular copper blocks but with the score and lines cut into them.

There are four types of the standard, smooth block of Copper, but the same goes for slabs, rungs, and cut Copper. In survival mode, crafting copper blocks will only produce the original form. Leave it exposed for some time to cause a color change. To sustain one of the oxidation stages, you must combine the block with a honeycomb in the crafting table, resulting in a wax block that will no longer oxidize.

Once you get the cut copper blocks, a few more options open up.

You can create six Chopped Copper Slabs by filling the bottom row of your crafting table with Chopped Copper Blocks. And if you place the cut copper blocks in the form of stairs on your crafting table, you will create four cut copper stairs. If you have a stone cutting table, you can use it to create Copper, slabs, and stairs.

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Lightning Rods Or Copper Rods

Lightning Rod is an exciting addition to Minecraft and attracts electricity, preventing it from exploding around the player’s base, thus setting it on fire and damaging. A rod can be crafted from just three copper rings.

Copper can also be used to manufacture electrical rods. These semi-protective objects attract lightning during a lightning strike, directing it away from your combustible wood or wool construction. Place three copper ingots under the middle column in a straight vertical line to make the lightning rods.

Charged Creeper Farm

Another great use of the Lightning Rod is in Charged Creeper form. Charged Creepers do not spawn naturally in vanilla Minecraft and are created when a Creeper is struck by lightning. You already know when you come too close to a creeper, it explodes, but get too close to a charged creeper, it pacts an even more damaging blow. So why would you desire to farm them?

Well, interestingly, Charged Creepers are the only way to farm a particular decorative item that you might not even know is available in vanilla Minecraft: Mob heads. While Skeleton mob heads were the first to be officially added to the survival inventory with the addition of Ancient Cities in 1.18, no other mob heads can be obtained in vanilla Minecraft without adding a Charged Creeper. If a Charged Creeper kills another mob, that mob may drop its head as an obtainable item. So, build a simple mob farm with a direct lightning rod, and decorate the walls of your base with the severed heads of your favorite mobs. Good!

Spyglass Crafting Recipe

Another essential item that you can craft using Copper in Minecraft is a spyglass. Crafting a spyglass requires two copper ingots and a Minecraft Amethyst Shard – another item introduced in the Caves and Rocks update. A spyglass can be used to zoom in and focus on a particular point of your view. Looking down the lens slows down your walking speed.

Where to Mine Raw Copper in Minecraft?

Uses of copper in Minecraft. Copper is found underground between the 112 and -16 levels and requires a stone pickaxe or better than mine. Since you can find Copper below Y-level 0, you can see it as a Deepslate variant, which takes longer to break down. When mined without the Silk Touch Minecraft enchantment, copper ore releases raw Copper like other ores, smelted in a furnace or blast furnace. With Silk Touch, the ore block falls by itself.

Copper is a common ore, so you can locate plenty without trying. However, if you’re looking specifically for the orange glow, your best bet would be Y-level 48.

To increase your Raw Copper production, you can mine the ore with the Fortune Enchanted Pickaxe. Which can drop multiples of raw ore from a single block.

Now that you have all the information to use your Minecraft copper, or if you’re running out, find out more, why not check out some of the best Minecraft seeds to create your copper masterpieces?

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