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App Name West Gunfighter
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Latest Versionv1.12
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West Game Mod APK or West Gunfighter Mod APK

West Gunfighter Mod APK is available on the internet, but it is challenging to find a game with good features and stories; this article will share a unique game with the best qualities. The name of this game is a western game which is quite popular on the internet because it is among the best games and has been downloaded by millions of people. Western games have awe-inspiring features, that’s why you will enjoy this game thoroughly. You can build your town by building some buildings for people, but in this game, there will be many bad people that you have to kill to free your country. It would help if you had different strategies to play this game which you can also discuss with your friends. You are the leading western game player, so you must protect your people from the bad guys by killing them. This game is boosted and expressly prepared for mobile devices.

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West Gunfighter Mod APK; Storyline

We all know about the West and to what extent they were wild and brutal. It is tough to survive in this era because there are no laws. In 1865, after the Civil War, people began to move to the West. People in those days would do anything to survive; they robbed, stole, and fought because there were no laws and rules. From here, the beginning of the Wild West era started.

There is no government, and the people are as wild as they can be. To experience it all and prepare for such a moment. LEXIANG CO.LIMITED developed a game called west Games. West Gunfighter Mod APK was entirely developed and made to experience the wildness of the West after the Civil War. This game will give you a complete sense of yourself in the West, where you will have to create your town using scratches. You must build your army to fight and become as wild as possible to save your town. It would help if you built a town with no rules and government and could do whatever you wanted. You can buy weapons and armor to protect yourself and the town.

What is West Game APK?

West is an action strategy game where you face many bad guys and cowboys. West Gunfighter Mod APK game is launched in the simple standard version, which is not paid, so that you can get this game for free. In this game, you will see many small ads like videos and pop-ups that disturb you while playing. In this version, you also get various premium features that you can purchase with real money.

What is West Game Mod APK? OR What is the West Gunfighter hack?

West game also has a hacked version which is known as mod Apk. It provides all its players with free money and gold that will never run out of this game so that you can buy all your favorite items from the store. No video or pop-up ads will disturb you while playing the West game in this cracked version because it does not support ads. People choose this version because they get all premium features without purchase.


Fight the Gangs

This game is based on a complete western theme so you will enjoy this game a lot. The western game is full of gangs, thieves, criminals, and other bad people. You have to fight them; otherwise, they will take over all your land and people, so you have to kill them. You can also create your army in this game, but first, you must fight alone.

Build a Town

The construction of a town is a fantastic feature of western games because you can build a town as you like, but first, you must free your country from these criminals and gangs. Kill them to get money and gold. You can invest your money to build a beautiful town for your people where you can implement rules and regulations. In this way, you can give your people all the essential items to keep them happy and protect your town from thieves.

Make Your Army

Leaving your Army fighting gangs and criminals alone is tough. That’s why this western game allows you to create an army where you can add different people to your team to protect your town. There are no limits on adding people, so you can add them for free, but don’t forget to add experienced people, as they will help you build more new items in your town. After creating an army, you don’t have to fight alone.

Battle with World

West Game Mod Apk is an online multiplayer game where you can fight with millions of people because this game has so many players worldwide; therefore, you can play with anything. You can even add your friends to this game and add them to your team. But make sure you perform well in online battles because there will be many professional players.

Chat With Friends

Chatting with friends is an exciting feature in western games because it allows users to talk with friends where they can share different strategies. This game has a chat box where you can write anything you want to share with your game friends, which means you first need to add people to this game to assist them, and then you can communicate with them. Quickly, in this way, you can get new ideas.

Various Heroes

Western games have many heroes to choose from. The hero of each game has unique characteristics that you will need over time. Therefore, try to get all the heroes and build a strong army. It has male and female heroes so you can choose them according to your choice. 

Extraordinary Graphics

West game is also known for its impressive graphics as it comes in 3D, giving a pretty realistic view. You will get a full view from every angle as it has multiple camera angles that you can check in this game. This game has the best graphics because the developers made western games with high definition.

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Ads Blocked

The simple version contains ads that will interrupt your game. But the mod version blocks all kinds of ads.

Free Paid Features

Many people do not allow the premium features of western games. That’s why we offer you the cracked version of this game, in which you can enjoy all the premium features for free. You don’t have to spend your money on anything because this version gives you full premium access without using any money. 

Unlimited Gold and Money

Sometimes it is tough to earn money in western games because many brutal gangs and people have a hard time. But now you don’t have to worry about money or gold; as mentioned above, you will get unlimited money and gold, which you can invest anywhere in this game. Get this game in an advanced version mod for free gold and money.

Mod Properties

Unlimited Everything

In the modified version of the West game, you have unlimited money and gold. The essential things in the game are money and gold. You need these resources to buy everything in the store. With their help, you can build your massive Army very quickly. To make your Army stronger and stronger, you can buy heroes in the modified version. You can also buy better weapons. With these resources, you can get everything you want in the game.


West game is a game developed based on the history of the West. Many people relocated to the western region after the Civil War. Here is the beginning of the wildness era in the West start. So if you want to practice like that, you can play this game where you can build your town. You can build your massive Army to protect yourself from invaders, gangs, and enemies. With money and gold, you can buy better weapons and equipment to strengthen your Army. You can join an alliance, and you can fight online. You can buy heroes for your Army to make them stronger and stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to get the full West game without a subscription?

You can quickly get the whole western game without buying a subscription only in the mod version, so download this game in this hacked version and get the full game for free.

Q: How can I get free gold in the West Game Mod APK? 

Getting unlimited gold is easy, and you must get the best Mod Apk game. Then you will get infinite gold in this game for free.

Q. What is the reason for giving the android app permission to access the West Mod APK file? 

If you download any app from the Google play store, it needs your permission to get various access from your mobile phone. The most common is storage and network connection, which are very important. Applications usually need access to storage to store data. Like when you download an Apk from the web, you download it from an unknown source. And Google permits you to allow unknown sources to install them. Your permission gives the APK file the access it needs to run on your device. 

Q. Can we play the western game on low-end devices?

Most games are not well-optimized for lower-end devices. And that’s a big reason low-end device users don’t play games. The developers optimized the game very well to play quickly. Optimizing a game like this is not easy. But we need to show Western game developers how they do it.

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