Whatsapp Plus for android apk latest (Updated 2023)

WhatsApp Plus is a WhatsApp MOD, an alternative app that allows you to customize your WhatsApp and get advanced features that are not in the official application. These include, for example, preventing your contacts from seeing when you’re writing or recording audio, sending larger media files, or forwarding messages without the “forwarding” tag appearing. Below we explain in more detail all the great options that you can access with WhatsApp Plus and how to install it on your phone.

Main Features

You can communicate better with your contacts with WhatsApp Plus, which works like the traditional instant messaging app but also provides the following features:

  • Hide the time when you last connected, even if you can still see the time when others last connected.
  • You can prevent others from seeing when you’re writing a message or recording audio.
  • Other people will not delete your messages. 
  • Set a time for the double blue ‘check’ to appear when a message is received, or audio has been listened to. You can hide this option so that no one can see that you have read the notice and then mark it as read whenever you like. Nonetheless, other contacts who do not have this WhatsApp Plus feature will still see the double “check” option.
  • You can send up to 100-megapixel photos and 80 MB videos. A maximum of 1,000 media files can be sent at once.
  • Update status more frequently, up to five minutes at a time, and in a higher quality.
  • You can hide your status whenever you wish, as well as prevent others from knowing that you have seen their statuses.
  • you have the option of hiding your profile picture.
  • Organize over 1,000 conversations simultaneously.
  • Choose from a variety of dynamic backgrounds, fonts, and letter colors for your interface and menus.
  • There are new emojis, filters, and stickers that you can use in real-time during video calls.
  • The anti-ban feature prevents WhatsApp from blocking your number if it detects that you are using an unofficial app version.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus?

Back up your chats and then uninstall the official WhatsApp app from your phone. Please click the button at the top of the page to download WhatsApp Plus 2022. Before you can install apps of unknown origin, make sure you have granted permission in your phone’s settings (usually under Settings > Security or Settings > Biometrics and Security).

You must wait until it finishes installing after you have opened the APK file. The installation process is the same as WhatsApp’s original. 

Installation Guide of WhatsApp Plus APK

The latest WhatsApp Plus is available for download here.

 Please read the description carefully before installing. By continuing with the installation, confirms that you agree with the terms and conditions.

 Installation Guide of WhatsApp Plus APK:

1. Before getting the start, take a look at the components included in your WhatsApp+ package. If any of them are unfamiliar to you, delete the APK installer right away.

2. Install WhatsApp+ apk file on your android phone or tablet. You can get it from the play store by searching for “WhatsApp Plus” or clicking here. 3. After you complete installation, open WhatsApp+. If everything goes OK, you will see a welcome screen similar to this:

3. Android will now ask you to verify your phone number for WhatsApp+. Enter your mobile number and wait until you receive the code, as seen in the screenshot below. Note that this is a one-time procedure, after which you can use WhatsApp+ without entering an additional verification code again.

4. If the verification process is successful, WhatsApp+ is installed and ready to use! You can switch back to regular WhatsApp by clicking on the three dots at the top-right corner of your screen.

 To uninstall WhatsApp+, go to Settings > Applications (or Security, for Android 4.4+) > Manage applications (or App Permissions, for Android 6.0+) > WhatsApp+ > Uninstall.

 If you have problems with the installation of WhatsApp+, feel free to visit our help desk. 

Is It Free?

WhatsApp Plus is not an official application. Therefore your messages will not be protected by the official WhatsApp security and privacy policy. In other words, while using this alternative app, you will be placing your data, your contact list, and all the information shared in your conversations in the hands of the policy of its creators.

Beyond the risk you decide to assume with your privacy, you must keep in mind that WhatsApp pursues all these alternative applications. If it catches you using one of them, it will be able to block your number temporarily or permanently. That is, it can ‘ban’ you so that you can never open an account with your phone number again. However, as we have mentioned before, WhatsApp Plus 2021 ensures an updated anti-ban security system to avoid it.


How can I Delete the WhatsApp app and other storage?

  •  WhatsApp plus is the world’s most popular messaging app
  • You can use it for free, easily, and quickly
  • We can send texts, videos, voice notes, stickers, and more 
  • This app doesn’t have ads or hidden charges
  • Add your phone number to WhatsApp plus to find friends 

How can I read deleted messages on WhatsApp?

This is a pervasive problem. When you delete messages on WhatsApp, they are not immediately removed from the app. A backup of the news is created instead, and the original is deleted.

Does WhatsApp plus hide chat?

In order to make your WhatsApp chats more secure, you can set a pin code on the app.

How can I recover WhatsApp deleted images?

  • why you are unable to receive WhatsApp images
  • Know how to recover deleted WhatsApp images
  • Know how to recover deleted WhatsApp images
  • Recover your messages with the help of professional software
  • Restore lost files from Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone devices
  • Download and install the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone for better security and backup features.


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