Who is the King of Free Fire? Real Name and Free Fire ID

If you are wondering who is the King of Free Fire then you are at the right place. You will get all information about ‘Who is the king of Free Fire’? As we see, many Free Fire YouTubers and gaming streamers assert themselves to be the King of Free Fire. It is a hard nut to crack to figure out who is the King of Free Fire out of them all, so we decided to get a description of the real Kings of Garena Free Fire. Let’s start without wasting more time.

Who Is the King of Free Fire?

Currently, fire players are the real kings of Free Fire. All of them are Ultra Pro players and have also earned the title of Grandmaster in Free Fire. That is why they have many subscribers on their youtube channel.

Who is the King of Free Fire in the World?

In terms of total Gaming, all over the World is the King of Free Fire. He is an Indian and the most significant Free Fire streamer with over 20 million subscribers. Total Gaming’s gameplay skills are incredible. Many of his teammates call him the Free Fire King. 

Who is the King of Free Fire in India?

As we have known earlier, the King of Free Fire is GT King, and Ravichandra Vigneshwer is his real name. Moreover, he is an inhabitant of Tamil Nadu, the state of India. Tamil Nadu is part of South India. He started his YouTube Channel in August 2020 and then uploaded Free Fire gaming videos. Likewise, he has over 916 videos. His subscribers are around 2.7 million on his Free Fire YouTube Channel, Gaming Tamizhan.

Who is the King of Free Fire game in Tamil Nadu, India, and the World? 

Garena Free Fire is a persistence and battle royal game by the Garena company. Moreover, it is a prevalent and exciting survival game on Mobile devices. Due to its reputation, content creators like YouTubers, Streamers, and Bloggers also benefit as a career. Today, in this article, you will get information about one of the most popular Free Fire content inventors. Besides, ‘who is the King of the Free Fire game has become quite a reputable channel in the Free Fire YouTube community.

Gaming Tamizhan Free Fire ID:

As you know, “Who is the King of Free Fire in India.” Let’s learn more about GT King. Below you can get a Free Fire ID if you like to have a glance at Free Fire by yourself. You also have a chance to send him a Friend Request, and if you remain lucky, you can become friends and play games.

Gaming Tamizhan Game ID Number: 287597612

To use this ID, you will need to open your game. Then click on the friend’s section. After doing this, you will get an option to search with ID numbers.

King Free Fire in India Stats and Net Worth: 

Gaming Tamizhan Free Fire gets around 2 Lakh per month from his YouTube channel. Moreover, he not only earns from ads and Google but also gets sponsorships. In this way, his earnings are still unknown and unseen by GT King.


So this article is all about who is the King of Free Fire in Tamilnadu, India, and the World, aka Gaming Tamizhan. Indeed we hope you will like this blog post about Gaming Tamizhan Free Fire ID, Stats, and net worth. His stats may change, but you have his Free Fire ID. You can also visit and confirm it. So make sure to share this blog post with your friends and others who have a love for Free Fire games.

FAQs about Who Is The King Of Free Fire?

Q. Who is the King of Free Fire?

Gaming aka Ajjubhai is the King of the Free Fire

Who is the King of free fire in India?

Ravichandra Vigneshwer is his real name, and he is the King of Free Fire

Q. Can I have a chance to become the King of Free Fire?

Yes, surely. But you will need to improve your gameplay skills to the next level.

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