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App Name Worms Zone .io – Hungry Snake
Genre Action
Size 122MB
Latest Version v4.4.8
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
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Do you remember the famous snake game that many of us played on the Nokia 3310 some years before? This game was unbeatable, and people of all age groups were so crazy about playing this game 24/7. He had to make his snake eat all the worms around him and protect himself from being bitten or bitten on his own body. If you are now an Android user but want to enjoy the same game, then Worms Zone is for you. It is an Android game that has the same plot. If you want to bring all the worms and feed your snake to increase its size. Keep him safe and he won’t bite himself. You will also have to protect yourself from other small and large worms that would bite your snake.

The game has many wonderful features that you will enjoy trying out. The hype this game has created is truly astounding. The features, the gameplay of this game, the overall graphics, and every single thing about this game are great. If you are the one who wants to know more in detail about this game, then continue reading this article till the end. We hope that you will get answers to all your questions from here.

Worms Zone io Mod Apk


With Worms Zone .io – Voracious Snake, Android players will find themselves accessing the classic Snake Xenzia game with some great changes. First, the map is much bigger, so it is difficult for you to cover the whole place with your worms. Moreover, with smooth and fluid movements and intuitive touch controls, you will find that controlling the worms and moving them around is quite simple.

In addition, the game also features several different game boosters and power-ups that you can pick up for your worms. Use them to gain crucial advantages over your enemies. In addition, it is also possible for you to enjoy the game with relaxed movements, which allows you to explore the map in full and even move around the body without receiving any strokes like in classic games.

Most importantly, the game will allow Android players to immerse themselves in their exciting online gameplay. Thanks to this, you can have fun with many interesting online players in Worms Zone .io – Voracious Snake and immerse yourself in endless multiplayer experiences. Grab your worm and take on the ultimate challenge with the best players worldwide. Compete in excellent matches that boast hundreds of players at once. Show them who’s boss as you defeat your opponents and expand your worms to the max.

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Worms Zone APK

Worms Zone APK is a game that is the latest version of the old snake game that we all played on Nokia phones. You can now play a highly improved version of this game on your Android smartphone. This game features a snake that grows from small to large by eating worms. All you have to do is feed nearby worms to your snake. It will grow to this size, and you can approach the winning stage. You have to save your snake from being bitten and bitten by other nearby snakes or worms.

Worms Zone Mod APK OR Worms Zone io Hack

 Worms Zone Mod APK is an advanced version of this game with new features. It is an improved version that includes features usually known as hacks. If you are a fan of Worms Zone, then these features will give you the full advantage.

Worms Zone Mod Apk Unlimited Money

This version usually gives you unlocked features, unlimited money, and zero death. It means that your snake can survive until the end without being attacked. It’s the easiest way to continue the game without being harmed by the surrounding worms.

Features of Worms Zone APK

First Goal

The first goal is to finish all the worms in your area to win each level. It is the primary and very first thing you need to do in this game. Completing all the worms allows you to get closer to the winning stage, which is the game’s primary purpose.

Eat Everything

You will have to eat all the worms and small snakes in your way. You can eat them and get bigger. The more worms you eat, the bigger your size will be; over time, you will become a more enormous snake in this game.

Protect Yourself

An essential thing to do in this game is to protect yourself. You cannot compromise in your defense. Otherwise, you will die if you are not protected. Other worms, however big or small, can attack and finish you off, reducing your growth. Your teeth can bite your body, so you must be careful and play carefully in this game.

Using Boots

Using boots can help you eat more worms and stay safe. Make the most of your boots to stay safe in this game.

Features of Worms Zone Mod APK

No Deaths

Thanks to this feature, there will be no death of your snake in this game, so you can play easily and always stay on the safe side. That’s why you won’t die at all in this game.

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Unlimited Money

This game has unlimited money, so you can buy as many items as possible without spending your cash.

Free To Download

The best part is that this game is available to download for free. You can get it on your smartphone without paying the required fees to download any game.


Worms Zone Mod APK has always been the most popular game among millions of people. If you are one of those people who like games and want to give this new version a chance, download it now. Click the download link on this page to get this game now. Also, leave your opinion in the comment box so that we can read your reviews of Worms Zone Mod APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many MB is Worms Zone Mod APK?

 Worms Zone Mod APK is 100 MB which is quite acceptable for the features and gameplay of this game.

Q: What is the latest version of the Worms Zone game?

The latest version of the Worms Zone game is 3.4.1.

Q. Can I play Worm Zone offline?

Yes, you can play Worms Zone offline using the offline feature. You can play this game easily and continue without any problem.

Q. How do you play Worms Zone with friends?

 You can play Worms Zone with friends by connecting this game to your Facebook account. It is how you can invite your Facebook friends to play this game online with you.

Q. When do Worm Zone scores decrease?

 The Worms Zone score will decrease when your snake is bitten by worms wandering around. You can automatically see your score drop whenever a worm bites your snake.

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